All Class Mastery bonuses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Checking our list of all Class Mastering bonuses will let you plan your party for the future in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

As you progress through Fire Emblem: Three Houses you’ll open up the ability to take certification exams for more and more character classes. Each of these offers certain weapon and stat benefits, but often the real appeal is the unique Class Mastery bonus obtained if you max it out. These rare Abilities and Combat arts can work wonders in combat, but you won’t know what you’re working towards until you earn it. To save you the trouble of wondering if it’s all worth it, we’ve put together a list of all Class Mastery bonuses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

All Class Mastery bonuses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

All Class Mastery bonuses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Reach max Class Mastery and you'll unlock a special Ability and/or Combat Art in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. © Nintendo

Knowing how to increase your Class Mastery is one thing, but actually reaching it takes a long, long time, by which point you’ll probably be ready to swap to a higher role. Some of the Class Mastery bonuses really shouldn’t be missed though, so to help you decide which ones you want to work towards, here’s a complete list of Class Mastery bonuses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Remember, even if you’ve already changed class, you can Reclass whenever you want to continue working towards another goal. 

*Be warned that this list will include spoilers for some of the late-game classes.


Class Mastery Bonus


Unique Classes


Ability: +5 HP

Increases HP by 5.


Ability: Special Dance

When using the Dance ability, grant Dex/Spd/Lck +4 to target ally.

Beginner Classes


Combat Art: Swap

Swaps places with an adjacent ally.

Ability: Spd +2

Increases Speed by 2


Combat Art: Reposition

Moves an adjacent ally to the opposite adjacent space.

Ability: Def +2

Increases Def by 2.


Combat Art: Shove

Pushes an Adjacent ally forward one space.

Ability: Str +2

Increases Str by 2.


Combat Art: Draw Back

Unit moves one space away from an ally, pulling them along as well.

Ability: Mag +2

Increases Mag by 2

Intermediate Classes


Combat Art: Subdue

Attack an enemy, leaving them at 1 HP.

Ability: Res +2

Increases Res by 2.


Ability: Vantage

When foe initiates combat, unit still attacks first if HP is ≤ 50%.


Ability: Steal

Allows unit to steal a non-weapon item from a foe with a lower Spd stat.


Ability: Desperation

If unit initiates combat with HP ≤ 50%, unit’s follow-up attack (if possible) occurs before foe’s counterattack.

Pegasus Knight

Combat Art: Triangle Attack

Unique attack activated only when three allied fliers are adjacent to an enemy unit.

Ability: Darting Blow

If unit initiates combat, grants AS +6 during combat.


Ability: Death Blow

If unit initiates combat, grants Str+6 during combat.

Armored Knight

Ability: Armored Blow

If unit initiates combat, grants Def+6 during combat.


Ability: Hit +20

Increases Hit by 20.


Ability: Unarmed Combat

Allows unit to fight without a weapon.


Ability: Fiendish Blow

If Unit initiates combat, grants Mag +6 during combat

Dark Mage

Ability: Poison Strike

If unit initiates combat and lands a hit, targeted foe loses up to 20% of max HP after combat.


Ability: Miracle

(Luck)% chance to survive lethal damage with 1 HP, if HP is > 1.

Advanced Classes


Combat Art: Astra

Attack five times with 30% Mt.


Ability: Defiant Str

Grants Str+8 when HP is < 25%


Combat Art: Assassinate

An Attack that can instantly kill enemies.

Ability: Lethality

(0.25xDex)% chance to instantly kill enemies when dealing damage.


Ability: Aegis

(Dex)% chance to reduce bow/magic damage by half.


Ability: Wrath

If foe initiates combat while unit’s HP is < 50%, grants Crit+50.

Fortress Knight

Ability: Pavise

(Dex)% chance to reduce sword/lance/axe/brawling damage by half. 

Wyvern Rider

Ability: Seal Defense

If unit damages foe during combat, foe suffers Def-6 for 1 turn after combat.


Combat Art: Hunter’s Volley

Unleash two attacks.


Combat Art: Fierce Iron Fist 

Unleash three attacks.

Ability: Tomebreaker

Grants Hit/Avo +20 when brawling against magic users.


Ability: Bowbreaker

Grants Hit/Avo +20 when using magic against bow users.

Dark Bishop

Ability: Lifetaker

Unit recovers HP equal to 50% of damage dealt after defeating a foe.


Ability: Renewal

Unit recovers up to 20% of max HP at the start of each turn.

Master Classes

Mortal Savant

Ability: Warding Blow

If unit initiates combat, grants Res+6 during combat

Falcon Knight

Ability: Defiant Avo

Grants Avo+30 when HP is < 25%

War Master

Combat Art: War Master’s Strike

An attack with high Hit that is effective vs all enemy types.

Ability: Quick Riposte

If foe initiates combat while unit’s HP is > 50% unit makes guaranteed follow-up attack.

Wyvern Lord

Ability: Defiant Crit

Grants Crit+50 when HP is < 25%

Great Knight

Ability: Defiant Def

Grants Def+8 when HP is < 25%

Bow Knight

Ability: Defiant Spd

Grants Spd+8 when HP is < 25%


Ability: Defiant Mag

Grants Mag+8 when HP is < 25%

Dark Knight

Ability: Seal Resistance

If unit damages foe during combat, foe suffers Res-6 for 1 turn after combat.

Holy Knight

Ability: Defiant Res

Grants Res+8 when HP is < 25%

That’s the full list of all Class Mastery Abilities in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. We’ve chosen to keep the final secret classes hidden as it’s likely you’ll stick with these to the end anyway once unlocked. Make sure you also know how to view your Class Mastery to see how close you are to unlocking the bonus! Looking for more guides? We also have lists of all Personal Skills and all Budding Talents, as well as letting you know the max level cap in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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