Dragon Quest Hero Moveset and Spell list for Smash Ultimate

Want to know the full Moveset and Spell list for the new Dragon Quest Hero in Smash Ultimate? We've got you covered.

Today Nintendo gave us an in-depth look at the new Dragon Quest Hero DLC character coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tomorrow. The latest Direct-style video broke down the entirety of the new character’s moveset for us to piece together, and boy is he an interesting one. In this article we’ll list the full Dragon Quest Hero Moveset and Spell list for Smash Ultimate.

Dragon Quest Hero Moveset in Smash Ultimate

Dragon Quest Hero Moveset in Smash Ultimate
The Dragon Quest Hero has an enormous moveset in Smash Ultimate. © Nintendo

The Dragon Quest Hero is an unusual character, adding in several randomized elements to the Smash battlefield. Critical hits, randomly selected spells and a pool of mana all need to be balanced, which should make him a difficult character to master. All his specials cost mana to use, a resource that recharges over time to a maximum of 100. To help you on your way to mastering the Hero, here’s his full moveset in Smash Ultimate

A/Normal Attacks

We won’t get into detail with all of the Hero’s standard attacks, but the majority of them after sword-based strikes, and yes, he has a down-air spike. One move of note is his forward tilt, a shield bash that can be used to block enemy projectiles before following up with a slash. An interesting facet of the Hero’s moveset is that he occasionally activates critical hits on his smash attacks, dealing extra damage and knockback. We don’t yet know the percentage chance of this happening, but we see a fully charged forward smash crit deal a whopping 51.4% damage.

Neutral B Special - Frizz Spells

Dragon Quest Hero Moveset Frizz Neutral Special
© Nintendo

Frizz: 6 MP

Frizzle: 16 MP

Kafrizz: 36 MP

The Hero’s neutral B special is a charging fireball called Frizz, Frizzle and Kafrizz. As with most charging projecticles, you can cancel and store the charge by shielding, saving it to unleash later. However, you will need to make sure you have enough mana when you want to use the attack.

Side B Special -  Zap Spells

Dragon Quest Hero Moveset and spells for Smash Ultimate Zap Side Special
© Nintendo

Zap: 8 MP

Zapple: 18 MP

Kazap: 42 MP

The Side special covers lightning Zap-type spells, including Zap, Zapple and Kazapp.Tapping the input quickly will use Zap, a quick, close-range attack the shocks and knocks opponents back. Holding the command longer will use Zapple, a longer-range strike that launches opponents you strike. A full charge will use Kazap, stunning anyone close by before slamming a powerful attack down in front of the Hero. 

Up B Special - Whoosh Spells

Hero Moveset and spell for Smash Ulimate - Whoosh Up B special
© Nintendo

Whoosh: 5 MP

Swoosh: 9 MP

Kaswoosh: 18 MP

Like most characters, the Hero uses Up B specials for recovery, but he has a choice of which height to launch based on the charge time. They’re all low-mana costs, but you’ll need to make sure you don’t run out if you want to use a Kawoosh to recover from a very low distance. We expect Swoosh to be the standard recovery move for most efforts as it lets you travel further horizontally. Kaswoosh can launch you to a massive height, letting you recover from far under the stage. You can also use these moves to knock nearby players into the air with you.

Down B Special - Command Selection

MP Cost: Various

Easily the most interesting characteristic of the Hero, Command Selection brings up a menu of four randomly-chosen spells from a pool of X. As soon as you select the spell you want, you’ll have to cast it, so expect to do some reading on the fly unless you want to throw out random attacks. You can close the spell menu by shielding if you aren’t happy with the options. It also looks like the menu will time out if you don’t use a spell quickly enough. We’ve covered the full list of spells below to help you out.

Hero Command Selection Spell list for Smash Ultimate

Hero Command Selection Spell List for Smash Ultimate
The Command Selection special lets you pick spells from a random pool. © Nintendo

Below all the Command Selection Spells we’ve been shown so far for the Dragon Quest Hero in Smash Ultimate. We’ve tabulated them with MP costs and effect, but you can also see them in action in the Hero presentation video by Nintendo.


MP Cost




Raises attack power for a short time.

Psyche Up


Drastically increases the power of the next successful attack.



Creates a reflective barrier around the hero that reverses projectiles. You can move with the barrier on.



Recovers some percentage damage.

Flame Slash


Swings a flaming sword with long reach in front of you.

Kacrackle Slash


Swings a sword strike that freezes opponents in ice.



Boost movement speed for a duration, similar to Shulk’s speed mode.



Fires a powerful explosive spell in a straight line. Detonates on impact.



Fires a sleeping spell forwards, putting opponents to sleep.

Hatchet Man


A powerful, overhead strike.



Marks an area a short distance in front of you. Can instantly KO opponents, depending on their damage.



An alternate recovery move, Zoom teleports you high into the sky, falling back down from above the stage.



Freezes you in place as a metal figure, making you invincible for a short time. 

Metal Slash


One-hit KOs metal enemies.

Hocus Pocus


Generates random positive and negative effects.

Magic Burst

All MP

Uses all remaining MP to deal massive damage. Damage depends on remaining MP.



Causes you to self destruct in an extremely powerful explosion.

That’s the entire Dragon Quest Hero moveset and Spell list for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. What do you make of him as a character? Let us know in the comments below! We can’t wait to see how his enormous range of abilities will see him place in our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list.

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