EVO 2019 schedule and livestreams

With our EVO 2019 schedule you can easily find and watch the livestreams for every single game at the yearly fighting game event.

Fighting game fans rejoice, EVO 2019 has arrived and we’re set for an absolutely packed weekend of Street Fighter, Smash, Tekken and much, much more. Whether you’re into one game or all of them, it’s important to know when it all kicks off if you’re watching from home. EVO includes a huge number of streams, so know where to look for the games you’re after is crucial. Read on to discover the EVO 2019 Schedule and the Livestreams for every game at the show.

EVO 2019 Schedule

EVO 2019 kicks off at 10 AM PT / 12 PM CT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST / 6PM CET on Friday August 2, so be sure you’re ready if you want to catch the opening. As with previous years, EVO has released a few helpful infographics to let you check when each game is being shown, along with every stream they’re being shown on. All times are listed in PT, so be sure to convert to your own timezone.

EVO 2019 Schedule Livestreams timezone

Prefer to have that broken down by game? If you’re just into your Smash or only want to see UNIST in action, here’s the list broken down via game:

EVO 2019 schedule list by game smash street fighter tekken DBFZ

New to EVO?

If you’re new to watching EVO, or aren’t sure which games you should be watching, consider tuning in to the Jump Off. This special stream hops between matches taking place across the entire tournament, with experienced commentators chiming in to sell why their game is exciting and let you know what’s happening.

EVO Livestreams

EVO is a gargantuan event, and that means several games running at once, to help you keep track of them all you can find all the livestreams from the show embedded below. Simply scroll to the one you need and start watching.

EVO Main Livestream

EVO Jump Off Livestream

EVO 2 Livestream

EVO 3 Livestream

EVO 4 Livestream

EVO 5 Livestream

EVO 6 Livestream

EVO 7 Livestream

Capcom Fighters Livestream

That’s your full lot for EVO 2019, so be sure to return here when the whole event kicks off so you can see every game in action. Which game are you most excited for at EVO 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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