How to be a good professor according to Fire Emblem: Three Houses

We're 99% sure these teaching skills are transferable to the real world.

Leading your own house in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is immensely satisfying, letting you watch as the skills of your students develop and they pass the tests required to become fearsome warriors and leaders. But just how fair a representation of professorship is Three Houses really? It’s time to sit down and take a class on how to be a good professor according to Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

How to be a good professor according to Fire Emblem: Three Houses

How to be a good professor according to Fire Emblem: Three Houses
There's more to being a good professor than the lecture hall, as Fire Emblem: Three Houses is keen to show. © Nintendo

Teaching in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is measured in a few, key ways. An overall Professor Level shows how competent you’ve become in your role, while the motivation of your students encourages them to study more and excel in their classes more frequently. That all sounds pretty reasonable, so how do we go about maximizing both and become an exceptional professor? Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a few lessons in mind.

Always tell students exactly what they want to hear

Whenever a student asks for your input on a situation or their studies, always tell them exactly what they want to hear, regardless of what they need to. This is a surefire way to both motivate your students and increase your own skills as a professor. There’s definitely no risk to willfully encouraging bad habits like sleeping through training or tricking others into doing work for you, right?

Go fishing as often as possible

The journey to become the ultimate instructor requires strict discipline, dedication and a thirst for knowledge. Which is why it’s extremely important to bunk off and spend the day fishing or planting seeds in the garden instead. Sword training? Sorry, that’ll have to wait, there’s a glowing light in the water in water over there and these fishing lures aren’t going to throw themselves! Looking back, this might explain why my PhD professor was never around when I needed him...

Stealing from students in Fire Emblem: Three Houses
You can't leave crucial teaching information like this around and expect us not to take it! © Nintendo

Steal from your students' rooms, the market, everywhere

To excel as a teacher you need to regularly inspect the rooms of your tutees. You might reasonably assume this is to check for tidiness but no, it’s because they could have some fascinating literature on fishing or gardening lying around. These are crucial skills for any would-be lecturer, and it’s your duty to hunt down knowledge no matter where it may be or who it belongs to. That applies to food and other items too. See a glowing pile of apples at the market? They’re yours for the taking. Those fishing supplies piled by the harbor? Yoink! It’s all for the betterment of the next generation after all.

Quell rebellious nobles as a fun school trip

There’s little better for you or your students than a good school trip. It offers to opportunity for them to bond with one another, explore the world and subdue rebellious factions through bloody combat. Are Hubert and Ferdinand not getting along? The shared experience of killing those who disagree with the church’s teaching is sure to bring them closer together. Is Raphael worried about an upcoming test? Executing dissident militia is sure to take his mind off things for a while.

Spying on conversations is a key part of teaching
Conversations like these are vital to setting the right study targets, apparently. © Nintendo

Spy on conversations 

A good professor should always know what their students are up too, but that goes far beyond simply chatting to them. How can you know if your class is getting along without sneaking a look any time they have a valuable conversation? Building support between students doesn’t really count unless you see it, so be sure to follow your class around discreetly until the dialogue kicks off. There’s also no need to interfere if things are looking dire, these conversations are guaranteed to wrap up in a satisfying manner if they spend enough time together.

Tea is the bedrock of a successful career

If there’s one lesson to take away from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it’s that everyone loves a good tea party. Colleague’s birthday? Host a tea party. Student lacking motivation? A tea party will sort them out. Has someone special caught your eye? Woo them with a romantic tea party. It’s a surefire way to win over your students, colleagues or even bosses, and it’ll even increase your charm if it all goes well. 

Tea: the solution to all of life's woes.
Tea: the solution to all of life's woes. © Nintendo

Supply students with relaxing ‘herbs’

Students having trouble fitting in at your boarding school? Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Archbishop Rhea has the perfect solution, asking you to hand out some soothing herbs to help boost their confidence and increase their ‘belief’. You’re not fooling anyone as to what’s going on there, Fire Emblem.

On second thought, we’re starting to suspect that at least some of these ideas might not be entirely suitable for real-life mentorship. The good news is that we’re pretty certain the tea party bit is true. It’d certainly work on us, anyway! For some real advice, be sure to check out the rest of our Fire Emblem: Three Houses guides and content.

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