Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Party guide

Find out how to host the perfect tea time with our breakdown of favorite teas and conversation topics in our Tea Party guide for Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

There are many different way to build support with your students and allies in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but one of the most enjoyable is to invite your favorite characters to tea. By inviting a character to a tea party, you’ll get the chance to spend some quality time with them, boosting their support rating with you enormously if you play your cards right. However, to get a long with your guest, you need to know them well enough to choose topics of conversation. To help you enjoy a nice cuppa with anyone you want, we’ve put together a Tea Party guide for Fire Emblem: Three Houses to help you with tea choices, conversation topics and more.

How to invite characters to Tea

You’ll unlock the ability to Invite students to tea during part one of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Early on in the game, during one of your explore phases at the monastery, you’ll be given a quest to offer a tea set to another student who’s interested in tea. The Golden Deer’s Lorenz is a great choice here, and when you deliver it to him you’ll unlock the option to invite other characters to tea. It’ll cost one of your activity points for the day, but you can get a lot of support from it as well. 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Party guide

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Party guide
Choose the correct topics of conversation and your tea party guest will stick around in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
© Nintendo

There’s little better than a nice relaxing cup of tea, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses knows it. Tea Parties give you a chance to boost one character’s support level greatly, and also offer a bonus increase to your Charm stat when performed well. Get enough options right and the character will stay with you for an extended period, letting you grab screenshots or talk to them for a while.

To succeed in a Tea Party you have several important decisions including which tea to offer, three topics of conversation and, if you’re successful, how to respond to their final comment. Each character has two teas that are their favorites, and a range of conversation topics they like. There are also final responses that'll help you keep the tea party going for a special ending where you can observe your companion or offer them gifts. To help you out we’ve catalogued all the tea responses for characters we’ve invited so far. 

Bear in mind that we’ve yet to invites every single character in the game (there are a lot after all) and that different topics of conversation may come up than the ones listed below. The key here is to try and pick the tea and conversation options that match the character you’re spending time with. Diligent military types won’t want to discuss Dreamy Knights, for example. With that out of the way, here’s our full Tea Party guide for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. 

*Characters are listed in alphabetical order

Perfect Teatime Fire Emblem: Three Houses tea party guide
Pick the right conversation topics and you'll have a Perfect Teatime in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. © Nintendo


Likes: Equipment upkeep, past laughs, I’m counting on you


Fave tea: Almond blend

Likes: courtyard couples, plans for the future

End: only way to clean is to clean with all your might… Nod


Likes: Shareable snacks, a place you’d like to visit


Fave tea: Albinean Berry blend

Likes: Shareable snacks, things that bother you, cooking mishaps, a word of advice, I'm counting on you, overcoming weaknesses, a place you'd like to visit, cats, the courtyard couple, the library’s collection, I heard some gossip, cats, tell me about yourself, gifts you'd like to receive

End: If two people decide to be recluses together - Nod, I like to hide in the greenhouse - Nod


Likes: A dinner invitation, methods for growing taller, past laughs, plans for the future, someone you look up to, food, school days, potential training partners, things that bother you, working together, a strong battalion, equipment upkeep, strange fish in the pond, a new gambit, children at the market, relaxing at the sauna, overcoming weaknesses, tell me about yourself, classes you might enjoy

End: I just wanna go wild and let it all out! - Chat, I'm going to keep training until I can beat you - Blush/Disagree


Likes: Equipment upkeep, working hours for guards, a strong battalion, I’m counting on you…, someone you look up to

End: I’m always watching you, guess this is your way of returning the favor - Nod, I hear your nickname is the Ashen Demon - Disagree


Likes: I’m counting on you, overcoming weaknesses, monastery security

End: Nod


Likes: Last battle, thanks for everything, equipment upkeep, tell me about yourself


Fave tea: Sweet Apple blend, Albinean berry blend

Likes: Dreamy knights, potential training partners, thanks for everything…, cute monks, things you find romantic, you're doing great work, close calls, our first meeting, the melody of words, tell me about yourself, first crushes, I heard some gossip, past laughs, You seem well, a dinner invitation, You seem different, the ideal relationship, the opera, the courtyard couple, books you’ve read recently, plans for the future, likeable allies, hopes for the future, evaluating allies, someone you look up to.

End: So you don't have any weaknesses after all? - Disagree. Why are men so vain? They should know their lies will never last - Laugh, I’m not really a fan of hymns - Chat, You’re such an open-minded person professor - Blush/Laugh


Likes: Our first meeting, capable comrades, Fodlan’s future

Ferdinand - Tea Party guide for Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Ferdinand enjoying a lovely brew in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
© Nintendo


Likes: Potential training partners, Fodland’s future, plans for the future, evaluating allies, heart-racing memories, dining partners, tell me about yourself

End: Commend


Fave tea: Sweet Apple Blend or Crescent Moon Tea

Likes: Dreamy knights, perfect recipes, the library's collection, guessing someone's age, gardening mishaps, things you find romantic, I heard some gossip


Favorite tea: Albinean Berry Blend

Likes: First crushes, dinner invitation, dreamy knights, things you find romantic


Likes: Monastery mysteries, monastery rules, monastery security, successful plots, someone you look up to, the library's collection, close calls, books you've read recently, evaluating allies, reliable allies, I heard some gossip, a new gambit

End: I'm grateful for the chance to observe you - Sip Tea/Sigh, Lady Edelgard has taken a liking to you - Nod


Likes: You seem well, first crushes


Fave tea: Mint Tea or Chamomile

Likes: Plans for the future, the ideal professor, equipment upkeep, mighty weapons, dreamy knights, fodlans future, the last battle, monastery rules, monastery security, our first meeting, working hours for guards, a strong battalion, food for life, potential training partners, tell me about yourself, the library’s collection, you’re doing great work, your ambitions, past laughs, school days

End: It's warm and the soil is rich. Honestly, I'm envious - Chat, I’m already thinking of my next meal - Laugh, As a child my father and brother used to yell at me for spending so much time with my horse - Laugh/Admonish


Likes: Working together, places you like to visit, you're doing great work, classes you might enjoy, monastery mysteries, the last battle…


Likes: Cats (not the musical), the art of napping, gifts you’d like to receive, tell me about yourself, things that bother you

How to invite to tea in Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Perform well at a Tea Party and your guest will be very pleased indeed...
© Nintendo


Favorite tea: Mint tea

Likes: Past Laughs, relaxing at the sauna, heart racing memories, gifts you’d like to receive, food in the dining hall, best performance venues, you seem well, cooking mishaps

End: There's no alcohol here. All you have is tea? - Admonish


Likes: Children at the market, tell me about yourself, the existence of Crests, strange fish in the pond, monastery rules, monastery mysteries, overcoming weaknesses

End: Praise


Fave Tea: Ginger Tea or Four-Spice blend

Likes: A strong battalion, swimming in the ocean, someone you look up to, potential training partners, tell me about yourself, classes you might enjoy, you seem well, a place you'd like to visit, thanks for everything, relaxing at the sauna, the view from the bridge, cats, mighty weapons, equipment upkeep, hopes for the future.

End: One day I want to show you Brigid - Nod/Blush, You are working with much diligence - (not Commend)


Likes: A strong battalion, reliable allies, you seem well


Fave tea: Crescent Moon Tea or Chamomile Tea

Likes: Reliable allies, equipment upkeep, a strong battalion, mighty weapons, you’re doing great work, a dinner invitation, the last battle, working together, monastery security, I’m counting on you, potential training partners, close calls, survival skills, cats, a new gambit.

End: Interesting look on your face - Disagree. I’m not much for conversation, I’ll leave if you’re bored - Disagree, The Sword of the Creator, it’s an interesting relic - Chat


Likes: First Crushes, favorite sweets, potential training partners, past laughs, hopes for your future, you seem well

End: Praise

Thanks to USGamer for filling in a few of our gaps.

Those are all the characters we have so far in our Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Party guide, but be sure to check back again soon as we’ll be updating this list as we invite more people out for a lovely afternoon of tea! Who would you like to invite to tea from Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Let us know in the comments below! While you’re here, be sure to check out the other guides we have, including who to give Lost Items to, and who to give gifts to in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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