EVO 2019 Winners - Results and Grand Finals

All the EVO 2019 winners, Top 8 results and Grand Finals for Smash Ultimate, Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, Samurai Shodown, Mortal Kombat 11 and more!

EVO 2019 has just wrapped up for another year, crowning a new set of champions on the ultimate stage. Smash Ultimate took the headline spot this year, but as ever there were a huge number of fighting games on show, from heavy hitters like Street Fighter to new entries such as UNIST and Samurai Showdown. If you want to know the winners in each game or simply want to watch each Grand Final unfold, we’ve gathered them all below for you. Read on to learn all the EVO 2019 winners, results and Grand Finals.

EVO 2019 Winners - Results and Grand Finals

EVO 2019 Winners Results Grand Finals All Games

We've listed the winners for each and every EVO 2019 event below, but in case you're keen to avoid spoilers, we've also preceded them with the Grand Final matchup video. If you want to catch up, we recommend watching each video and not scrolling down too fast. If you do end up spoiled for any events, please accept out apologies.

Smash Ultimate EVO 2019 winner

Grand Final: Gavin ‘Tweek’ Dempsey vs Leonardo ‘MKLeo’ Lopez Perez

Winner: Leonardo ‘MKLeo’ Lopez Perez 

Top 8 standings:

1 - Leonardo ‘MKLeo’ Lopez
2 - Gavin ‘Tweek’ Dempsey
3 - William ‘Glutonny’ Belaid
4 - Ezra ‘Samsora’ Morris
5 - Tetsuya ‘Raito’ Ishiguro
5 - ‘ProtoBanham’
7 - Paris ‘Light’ Ramirez
7 - Sota ‘Zackray’ Okada

Street Fighter 5 EVO 2019 winner

Grand Final: Adel ‘Big Bird’ Anouche vs Masato ‘Bonchan’ Takahashi

Winner: Masato ‘Bonchan’ Takahashi

Top 8 standings:

1 - Masato ‘Bonchan’ Takahashi
2 - Adel ‘Big Bird’ Anouche
3 - DC ‘Infexious’ Coleman
4 - Atsushi ‘Fujimura’ Fujimura
5 - Derek ‘iDom’ Ruffin
5 - Masahiro ‘Machabo’ Tominaga
7 - Yangmian ‘YANGMIAN’ Huang
7 - Hiroki ‘Kichipa-mu’ Asano

Tekken 7 EVO 2019 winner

Grand Final: Arslan ‘Arslan Ash’ Siddique vs Jae ‘Knee’ Min Bae

Winner: Arslan ‘Arslan Ash’ Siddique 

Top 8 standings:

1 - Arslan ‘Arslan Ash’ Ash
2 - Jae ‘Knee’ Min Bae
3 - Hoa ‘Anakin’ Luu
4 - Abe ‘Take’ Takehiko
5 - ‘Noroma’
5 - Nakayama ‘Nobi’ Daichi
7 - Sun ‘LowHigh’ Woong Youn
7 - Yuta ‘Chikurin’ Take

Mortal Kombat 11 EVO 2019 winner

Grand Final: Dominique ‘SonixFox’ McLean vs Ryan ‘Dragon’ Walker

Winner: Dominique ‘SonicFox’ McLean

Top 8 standings:

1 - Dominique ‘SonixFox’ McLean
2 - Ryan ‘Dragon’ Walker
3 - Sayed ‘Tekken Master’ Ahmed
4 - Julien ‘Deoxys’ Master
5 - Denom ‘A Foxy Grampa’ Jones
5 - Tommy ‘Tweedy’ Tweedy
7 - Alexandre ‘Hayatei’ Dube-Bilodeau
7 - Andrew ‘Semiij’ Fontanezx

Dragon Ball FighterZ EVO 2019 winner

Grand Final: Goichi ‘GO1’ Kishida vs Dominique ‘SonicFox’ McLean

Winner: Goichi ‘GO1’ Kishida

Top 8 standings:

1. Goichi ‘GO1’ Kishida
2. Dominique ‘SonixFox’ McLean
3. ‘Fenritti’
4. Joan ‘Shanks’ N.
5. ‘B’
5. ‘hirohiro’
7. Christopher ‘NyChrisG’ Gonzalez
7. Ryota ‘Kazunoko’ Inoue

Samurai Shodown EVO 2019 winner

Grand Final: Ryota ‘Kazunoko’ Inoue Vs. Seon-Woo ‘Infiltration’ Lee

Winner: Lee ‘Infiltration’ Seon-woo

Top 8 standings:

1. Seonwoo ‘Infiltration’ Lee
2. Ryota ‘Kazunoko’ Inoue
3. Justin ‘JWong’ Wong
4. Reynald ‘Reynald’ Tacsuan
5. Alex ‘CaliPower’ Valle
5. Fu ‘RB’ Pin Kao
7. Renato ‘Didimokof’ Martins
7. Chia-Chen ‘ZJZ’ Tseng

Soul Calibur 6 EVO 2019 winner

Grand Final: Zain ‘Bluegod’ T. vs Yuta ‘BNE Yuttoto’ Sudo

Winner: Yuta ‘BNE Yuttoto’ Sudo

Top 8 standings:

1. BNE Yuta ‘Yuttoto’ Sudo
2. Zain ‘Bluegod’ T.
3. Oplon Jeremy ‘Skyll’ Bernard
4. Jonathan ‘Woahhzz’ Vo
5. ‘Tamonegi’
5. PG Jovian ‘Shen Chan’ Chan
7. ORANGE Marie-Laure ‘KAYANE’ Norindr
7. DF Joshua ‘Saiyne’ Vernon

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle winner

Grand Final: Oscar ‘Shinku’ Jaimes vs ‘Kyamei’

Winner: Oscar ‘Shinku’ Jaimes

Top 8 standings:

1. Oscar ‘Shinku’ Jaimes
2. ‘Kyamei’
3. Seitaro ‘Domi’ Ohno
4. Kamisue ‘Mekasue’ Kazuya
5. Christina ‘Bace’ Kabacinski
5. ‘Fenritti’
7. Kazuyuki ‘KojiKOG’ Koji
7. Jona ‘Jona’ Kim

UNIST EVO 2019 winner

Grand Final: ‘oushuu-hittou’ vs ‘Clearlamp_o’

Winner: ‘Clearlamp_o’

Top 8 standings:

1. ‘Clearlamp_o’
2. ‘oushuu-hittou’
3. ‘hishigata’
4. ‘くれ’
5. Shinji ‘Neji’ Taharu
5. Andy ‘Rikir’ La
7. ‘Senara’
7. ‘Libekichi’

And that’s it for another year! Your full run of EVO 2019 winners, grand finals and Top 8 results. If you’re already feeling the post-EVO blues, you might want to check out the HyperX Showdown: Knock Out event which takes place tonight and features ridiculous matches between your favorite FGC stars!

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