Destiny comic includes code to unlock an emblem

Want to know what it is?

Bungie has released the first installment of its free Fall of Osiris comic, which focuses on the back stories of Osiris and Ikora, but quick-witted guardians noticed it also includes something else: a hidden code to unlock an emblem.

The code is hidden in plain sight on the last page, where a panel shows a close-up of the front cover of "Prophecies of Osiris", including a series of irregular dots and dashes above the title. Redditors quickly figured out this was morse code and spells: xfvkhpn97.

And would you guess what happens when you plug that code into

"Code Verified - Destiny 2 Emblem: The Visionary - Claim this emblem from your in game Destiny 2 Emblem Collection once your code has been applied."

Woo, free stuff! There's no word on whether this code will work in perpetuity or just for a short while, so if you want the emblem for your collection, we recommend you grab it.


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