How to get Zanado Fruit in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Our guide on how to get Zanado Fruit and Zanado Treasure Fruit in Fire Emblem: Three Houses will help you score some tasty produce for cooking or missions.

There are plenty of unusual items and ingredients to obtain in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and if you’ve spent some time working through the Cooking Together menu or completing Supply Runs then you might have found you’re in need of the unusually named Zanado Fruit or Zanado Treasure Fruit. Confusingly, these are actually two different items. One is useful for missions later in the game, while the other is good for cooking certain dishes. Whatever your reasons, in this guide we’ll teach you how to get Zanado Fruit in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

How to get Zanado Fruit in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

How to get Zanado Fruit in Fire Emblem: Three Houses
You can get Zanado Fruit by planting and cultivating the right seeds in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. © Nintendo

Zanado Fruit is required for some of the Supply Run missions you’ll start receiving following the timeskip. Unlike most items, you can’t get Zanado Fruit in Fire Emblem: Three Houses from a merchant or be picking up random items. Instead, you need to grow some crops. The gardening mechanic in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is one of the toughest areas to master without some help, and understanding which seeds work well together and how to get certain rewards isn’t very clear. However, just like fishing it can be used to earn valuable items. 

If you want to get Zanado Fruit when gardening you should plant West Fodlan Seeds with the best fertilizer you have available. Don’t plant anything else with the seeds or you could spoil the crop, plant only West Fodlan Seeds then use your best Fertilizer and you should receive a Zanado Fruit when you next come to harvest the plants.

How to get Zanado Treasure Fruit

Zanado Treasure Fruit is required for a few cooking recipes, including the Best of Fodlan and Zanado Treasure Nectar. Unfortunately, obtaining this fruit is much harder. We haven’t yet found a gardening combination that produces Zanado Fruit, but we do know that you can receive is as a drop from the amiibo Gazebo

Sadly the items you receive there are a random selection, which means there’s no guarantee you’ll get the Zanado Treasure Fruit. There’s a chance though, so while you’re practising different planting combinations, be sure to visit the amiibo Gazebo regularly and collect all the items there. We’ll update this guide once we get a firmer recipe for producing Zanado Treasure Fruit.

That’s all we know so far on how to get Zanado Fruit in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. As we said above, we’ll be sure to update the guide as soon as we have more information on the Zanado Treasure Fruit but for now, feel free to game a look at our other guides for the game! We can teach you how to get more bait and help you out with those pesky Tea Party choices in Fire Emblem: Three Houses!

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