Shenmue 3 pre-order bonuses revealed

Here's what you'll get as a pre-order bonus for Shenmue 3 if you purchase from each supplier.

The pre-order bonuses for Shenmue 3 in North America have been revealed, and it looks like what you get depends on where you choose to shop.

Anyone who chooses to bite the bullet early on purchasing Shenmue 3 will get four in-game rewards as pre-order bonuses, as well as one extra item that differs based on where you choose to purchase. Here’s everything included in the base pre-order bonus if you buy before November 19.

Shenmue 3 pre-order bonuses

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  • Blazing Kick Advanced Technique Scroll - Unlocks the abilities of the advanced technique “Blazing Kick”

  • Toy Capsule - A set of 25 tickers you can exchange for capsule toys
  • Playing Token - 5,000 Playing Tokens to use in the gambling area
  • Snake Power x3 - Can be used to replenish energy during battle

We’ve no doubt the playing tokens, capsule and free snake power drinks will come in handy, but it sounds like the Blazing Kick technique is the real prize here, granting you an extra move in-game.

There are more rewards available for preorders at different suppliers thanks to deals with Gamestop/EB Games, Amazon and Best Buy. The tastiest of these is evidently Gamestop/EB Games’ offer, a pretty cool medallion inspired by the Dragon and Phoenix Mirrors from the series. Those who buy at Amazon can get another in-game reward, the Kenpogi Training Wear outfit, while Best Buy shoppers get a limited-edition steelbook case. The medallions are limited, so if you want one you might have to hurry. Here’s a look at each of them:

Shenmue 3 Gamestop/EB Games pre-order bonus

Shenmue 3 Dragon Medallion Gamestop EB Games preorder bonus
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Shenmue 3 Amazon pre-order bonus

Shenmue 3 outfit amazon pre-order bonus
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Shenmue 3 Best Buy pre-order bonus

Shenmue 3 steelbook Best Buy preorder bonus
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Shenmue 3 is due to release November 19 on PS4 and PC. Are you tempted by the medallions or other pre-order bonuses? Let us know in the comments below!

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