How to make ice cream in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Your Dragon Quest Builders 2 ice cream one-stop shop has arrived.

Not many people know that it's possible to make ice cream in Dragon Quest Builders 2, but there are plenty of hidden tips and tricks about cooking in this game that aren't well explained.

For the start of the game, you aren't able to make any meals more complex than just putting a single ingredient on top of a fire and seeing what happens. Sometimes this results in things that don't seem to make much sense (sugar + fire = bon bons, somehow?) but believe us, it only gets weirder from there. Once you have the ability to combine more than one ingredient together in your cooking, the world opens up, including how to make ice cream in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 ice cream recipe

Once you've gone to Khrumbul-Dun and made a frying pan (and got all those mini medals, if you're so inclined) you can put it on top of a bonfire and cook two ingredients together. Now, you just need to find some milk, which will involve a trip to the Explorer's Shores checklists to find a cow to tame and bring back to the Isle of Awakening with you.

Milk comes from cows, obviously, but it's not immediately apparent how. It turns out, if you use your Bottomless Pot to "scoop" up liquid while standing next to a tame cow it will fill the pot with milk. You can then "pour" that milk into a frying pan to use it as an ingredient. (Hot tip: you can actually do this with water as well, if you want to try using water as an ingredient for some of your meals).

Now, the only thing left to do is cool that milk down, so, while the milk is an ingredient in the frying pan, sitting over a roaring fire, simply add some...snow. Just put snow and milk in a frying pan and you'll cook ice cream. Sure, that's definitely how that works. Right, well, now that you know how to cook ice cream in Dragon Quest Builders 2 you no longer have to be surprised by any of the logic in this wonderful game.


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