How to enable cross save for Destiny 2

Continue your progress on any platform by learning how to enable cross save in Destiny 2 when it launches later this year.

Are you a Destiny 2 fan and do you like gaming on multiple platforms? Great news! Cross save is coming to Destiny 2 on August 21, letting you carry your progress over no matter which platform you choose to play on. Bungie has revealed a few details on how the system work ahead of its implementation, so read on to learn how to enable cross-save for Destiny 2.

How to enable cross save for Destiny 2

how to enable cross save for destiny 2
Cross save will let you choose one Destiny 2 account to share across all platforms. © Bungie

In case you’re not aware, cross save is a feature that lets you play with the same characters and story on multiple devices. If you own Destiny 2 on PS4 and PC for example, you could spend an hour gaming on PS4, then move over to PC and continue with the same story. The feature isn’t yet in Destiny 2, but we do know how it’ll work and what steps you need to take. 

When cross save is added, you’ll need to sign in to the Destiny 2 website and link your accounts on multiple platforms. You can then pick which set of characters will become your Active Account. This will be the account you then have access to on all platforms, letting you jump in wherever you choose to game. Here are all the steps required:

Cross save in Destiny 2
Enabling cross save will be easy in Destiny 2. © Bungie
  • Sign in to the Bungie website on August 21.
  • Link your Destiny 2 accounts from multiple platforms.
  • Select an Active Account.
  • Confirm and enjoy cross save!

You can sign up on the bungie website to be notified as soon as cross save is added to the game, letting you jump right in as soon as it’s available. Enabling cross save for Destiny 2 is as simple as that, but there are some caveats to be aware of. Here are the main questions that need answering:

Can you merge accounts or Guardians?

This is the big one, and unfortunately it’s a no. If you’ve been playing Destiny 2 separately on two platforms, we’re afraid that there’s no option to merge accounts or characters. You’ll need to designate one Active Account, and that’s the only one you’ll have access to after enabling cross save. You can’t transfer Guardians from one account to another, so be prepared to lose any characters on your other accounts. 

A severe downside of cross save is that any purchases made on other accounts will not be transfered over. If you purchased somethings on PC and others on console, you’ll only be able to keep whatever is on your Active Account. You can disable cross save to revist old accounts, but doing so will incur a 90-day wait before cross save can be re-enabled. If you’ve made a lot of progress on both platforms or own a lot of Silver on both, think carefully before enabling cross save.

Can you merge accounts or guardians in Destiny 2 cross save
You won't be able to merge accounts with cross save for Destiny 2. © Bungie

Can you play cross-platform?

No. The cross save update does not enable cross-platform play. If you’re playing on PS4, you’ll only be able to team up with others on PS4, and the same for other platforms. Your account migrates between each platform with you.

What platforms are supported with cross save?

All of them! Cross save will work on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC (Steam) and even Google Stadia when that launches.

When does cross save release?

Cross save is planned to be added to Destiny 2 on August 21. If there are any delays, signing up to the notification list will update you.

There’s everything there is to know so far about Cross Save for Destiny 2, though we’ve no doubt players will discover plenty more questions to be answered when it arrives. Are you excited to sync up every platform? Worried that you’ll lose content on one? Let us know your thoughts on cross save in the comments below!

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