Dragon Quest Builders 2 super-strong monsters guide

A guide to Dragon Quest Builders 2's super-strong monsters, locations and rewards.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 has super-strong monsters dotted about all of the islands you can sail out to explore. These aren't your run-of-the-mill baddies, either. When you run into one of these special enemies, a message telling you "A super-strong monster appears!" will pop up on screen, and you'll be in for the fight of your life.

Super-strong monsters in Dragon Quest Builders 2 will drop very rare items, recipes and materials for you to make even rarer gear, and some are even necessary to complete a few of the more special Dragon Quest Builders 2 room recipes so they're well worth finding and taking on. There are a few super-strong monsters on every island, and we've dug out where to find them, as well as what they drop when you defeat them. So if you're looking up how to find super-strong monsters in Dragon Quest Builders 2, and what rewards they give you, look no futher.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 super-strong monsters locations

Furrowfield super-strong monsters

Giant Killerpillar

Dragon Quest Builders 2 super-strong monsters Killerpillar
You'll find the Killerpillar super-strong monster underneath Pastor Al's house in Furrowfield

Location: In the Southern Bog (where you find the Orc Tomato Farm) there is a huge cliff with a house on top of it, that's Pastor Al's place. Instead of heading to the West side of the cliff so you can climb up, head east and go underneath the cliff. You'll find this deadly super-strong monster in there. It's well worth defeating though, because...

Reward: Poison Needle recipe (Sword, +20 attack AND has a small chance of instant killing enemies, great to use against tough baddies even after you get more powerful standard weapons)

Giant Crabber-Dabber-Doo

Dragon Quest Builders 2 super-strong monsters Crabber-Dabber-Doo
Sorry, we already killed the Crabber-Dabber-Doo super-strong monster before we got a pic of him

Location: To the far West of the same southern bog you find the Killarpillar super-strong monster in there is a path that eventually leads through to a beach. Keep following the coastline around to the south and underneath a large outcrop/cliff you'll see this big dancing crustacean on a platform of sand, just waiting for someone to come and have a go.

Reward: Tortoise Shell recipe (Armor, +23 defence, needs 5 bones and 1 grass fibre)

King Orc

Dragon Quest Builders 2 super-strong monsters King Orc
The King Orc super-strong monster might be the first you run into, come back a bit later or cheese him like this

Location: Head pretty much in a straight line North West from Fat Rat Rise and you'll find this super-strong monster in an enclosed grassy woodland near the water, at the furthest North of the map.

Reward: Yggdrasil Leaf (revives you once if you die while holding this in your inventory bar)

Khrumbul-Dun super-strong monsters

Troll (Desert)

Dragon Quest Builders 2 super-strong monsters Khrumbul-Dun
This super-strong Troll is way off to the South-East of town, over the hills and in a desert plain

Location: Way up and over the tall mountains, away to the South-East of Khrumbul-Dun, this super-strong monster is just chilling in the desert. Relieve him of his life and ye shall receive...

Reward: Power Shield recipe (shield, +14 Defence, requires materials that you'll unlock towards the end of the Khrumbul-Dun storyline)

Tyrantosaurus (Oasis)

Dragon Quest Builders 2 super-strong monsters Khrumbul-Dun
This picturesque sunset showdown with a Tyrantosaurus is just South-West of The Oasis naviglobe

Location: You'll find this super-strong monster very close to The Oasis naviglobe, on the opposite shore from The Docks where you begin the story on Khrumbul-Dun. Very close to one of the Khrumbul-Dun mini medal puzzles, if you're into those.

Reward: Dragonsbane recipe (sword, +52 attack, deals extra damage to dragons)

Tyrantosaurus (Above caved-in mine)

Dragon Quest Builders 2 super-strong monsters Khrumbul-Dun
The second Tyrantosaurus super-strong monster is above a caved-in mineshaft on the upper level

Location: After heading south from the iron dig site and encountering the underwater lake, keep taking a tunnel to the south and you'll reach a caved-in cavern of the mine, with sand pouring in from an open ceiling. Scale the spiralling staircase of earth up to the surface and you'll find the second super-strong monster Tyrantosaurus there!

Reward: Dragon Mail recipe (armor, +42 defence, reduces fire and ice damage) [You can use the dragon scales you collected from him and his brother in the Oasis to build this, if they didn't drop scales then there will be other dragons to kill during the story so keep playing. You need gold anyway so you won't make this or the Dragonsbane until late on in your Khrumbul-Dun adventure]

Troll (Underground)

Dragon Quest Builders 2 super-strong monsters Khrumbul-Dun
This super-strong monster is deep, deep underground, in a hidden tunnel

Location: After heading off in search of the Goody Bag brothers, following the map in the top right above you'll find a bombable wall of sand. However, instead of carrying on straight through the hole you make, check the sides of the new tunnel and you'll see one of them is bombable again. Behind this fake wall is a massive cavern with a super-strong monster! Take down this Troll, about as strong as the desert one, for your prize.

Reward: Night Club recipe (weapon for Malroth, +62 attack)

Explorer's Shores super-strong monsters

Even out at the smaller, non-story islands where you complete Explorer's Shores checklists, there are super-strong monsters to take down for rare rewards. The Explorer's Shores islands are all randomized every time you go out to them, so we can't give you exact locations for these super-strong monsters, but we can tell you where they're most likely to hang out and what they drop when you kill them. Here's the list:

Soggy Skerry super-strong monsters

  • Great Sabrecat: Great Sabercat Statue
  • Orc King: Leather Shield recipe (shield, defence +2) [The pot lid is actually better at +5 so...why???]

Blossom Bay super-strong monsters

  • Orc King: Leather Armor recipe (armor, defence +22, can be dyed with the Tinting Tun from Khrumbul-Dun)
  • Ghost: Ghost statue (usually spawns near ponds)

Iridescent Island super-strong monsters

  • Cumaulus: Tempest Shield recipe (usually spawns on mountain/clifftops)
  • Knight Abhorrent: Knight Abhorrent Statue

Sunny Sands super-strong monsters

  • Goodybag: Goodybag Statue (usually spawns in an oasis)
  • King Slime: Cloak of Evasion recipe

Rimey Reef super-strong monsters

  • Berserker: Berserker Statue (usually spawns on mountains/clifftops)
  • Hunter Mech: Falcon Blade recipe

Laguna Perfuma super-strong monsters

  • Liquid Metal Slime: Liquid Metal Soup statue
  • Silvapithecus: Fur Coat recipe (usually spawns on cliffs at the edge of the map)

Coral Cay super-strong monsters

  • Merman: Merman Statue (usually found at the bottom of trenches)
  • Merking: Thanatos' Shield recipe
  • Gold Golem: Silver Shield recipe

Defiled Isle super-strong monsters

  • Metal King Slime: Metal King Slime Crown
  • Boss Troll: Sword of Ruin recipe (usually spawns in a field of ruined tents)

Unholy Holm super-strong monsters

  • Dread Dragon: Erdrick's Sword recipe
  • Stone Guardian: Wailer's Mail recipe

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