Summer Event live in BTS World

Trade Pink Shells for special rewards in the new "I Hear The Ocean" event.

The mobile game BTS World continues to track along in popularity. To help spice things up, developer Netmarble has been making regular updates to the game. In one of the latest BTS World updates, the "I Hear The Ocean" summer event was added that gives players new ways to earn in-game rewards like Blossoms which are key to leveling up your cards. You can also earn Pink Shells as in-game currency and trade them in for exclusive 5-star Bonus Cards!

Summer Event live in BTS World

Summer Event live in BTS World
The "I Hear The Ocean" limited time event is now live in BTS World, giving players a chance to earn special rewards including new 5-star Bonus Cards! 
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The “I Hear The Ocean” limited time event is available for 12 days in BTS World starting today, August 9. You can access the event on the main page above the “+” symbol, Agency, and Draw options. During the event, there are 5 Missions Stages that can be played for free, no Wings required. By successfully completing these Mission Stages you’ll earn Blossoms as well as a new form of in-game currency, Pink Shells.

The higher your Mission Stage score, the more bonus Pink Shells you’ll earn. Similar to Mission Stages in Another Story, you can run through each of the 5 Mission Stages in the I Hear The Ocean event a total of 3 times per day. While this takes a few minutes out of your regular BTS World play, the rewards tiers for Pink Shells are pretty enticing.

Below, we’ve listed all reward tiers for the I Hear The Ocean limited time event in BTS World!

  • 1,500 Pink Shells: 50,000 Gold, 10 Flowers, 50 DNA
  • 6,000 Pink Shells: 150 Wings, 15 Flowers, 1 Random Item
  • 12,000 Pink Shells: 100 DNA, 5 Bouquet, 1 Purple Draw Ticket
  • 19,500 Pink Shells: 50 Gems, 100 Wings, 7 Bouquet
  • 45,000 Pink Shells: 1 Draw Ticket for an exclusive 5-Star “Boy of Summer” Bonus Card

If you’re having trouble earning bonus Pink Shells, the Q&A page for the event from Netmarble recommends using Bonus Cards for a higher score, with each Bonus Card granting 35% more points on the score calculation screen. Bonus Cards recommended include the Dreamland_Hyung and Dreamland_Maknae line.

On the flip side, if you’re earning an insane amount of Pink Shells and are wondering about maxing out, the good news is that once you redeem your Pink Shells for the last reward tier, everything resets. As such, you can run through the I Hear The Ocean event as many times as you like in order to earn as many exclusive “Boy of Summer” event cards as possible.

Now that you know about the I Hear The Ocean event in BTS World and how the Pink Shell rewards work, be sure to check out some of our helpful guides including how to level up cards in BTS World, how to change your profile picture in BTS World, and what puzzle pieces are used for in BTS World.

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