Blair Witch teaser shows off sinister Totems

If Bullet is afraid, we're downright terrified.

We’re a few short weeks away from the release of Blair Witch, a new horror game experience from Bloober Team. On Twitter, Bloober has been sharing small teasers for the game with increased frequency from spooky screenshots to interesting facts and details on Blair Witch. Today, a creepy video clip was posted that offers a more intimate glimpse at the terrifying Totems you’ll encounter as you explore Black Hills Forest.

Blair Witch teaser shows off sinister Totems

Blair Witch teaser shows off sinister Totems
Bloober Team has been posting new screenshots of their upcoming Blair Witch game along with a teaser video showcasing some of the iconic Totems from the original film.
© Bloober Team

Fans of the Blair Witch cinematic universe will immediately recognize the film's iconic stick figure Totems in Bloober’s game. Addressing the question of how these Totems will appear in the game itself, Bloober posted a short teaser video. In the 16-second clip, several Totems can be seen dangling from trees in what’s honestly an extremely settling scenario.

Accompanying the video, Bloober’s description reads, “There’s something wrong with the Totems. Something sinister. You feel their strange aura. And Bullet is clearly afraid.” For those unfamiliar with the Blair Witch game, Bullet references a dog that serves as a companion to the main character, Ellis. In our interview with Bloober at E3, Maciej Glomb touched upon how Bullet will be incorporated into the gameplay of Blair Witch.

“Bullet is less susceptible to the Witch’s curse, so he will sometimes see things or hear things that you don’t,” Maciej explained. “It’ll be very important to bond with him as much as you can. You’ll also be able to give him some different commands during the game so he can help you in the most efficient way. At the same time it is an AI, so he will behave on his own.”

Given that Bullet is said to be less susceptible to the Witch’s curse, hearing that Bullet is afraid of Totems is interesting. Do the Totems serve as a warning that danger is close by, with Bullet’s fear emphasizing the need to run or flee? These questions, and more, will be answered when Blair Witch is released on August 30 for Xbox One and Windows PC.

While we wait for Blair Witch to drop, what are your thoughts on the teaser video? Are you ready to take on Black Hills Forest? Let us know down in the comments below!

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