Favorite Teas in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

With our guide to the characters' favorite teas in Fire Emblem: Three Houses you can host a perfect tea party and be the talk of the monastery.

One of the oddest yet most entertaining activities available in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the option to invite students and staff at the Garreg Mach Monastery on tea breaks. Each character you can invite has two favorite teas that’ll give you bonus points towards a perfect tea party. There are loads of characters and plenty of teas too, so learning them through trial and error is hardly effective. Fortunately, we’ve already done the hardwork and have put together a list of each character’s favorite teas in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Favorite Teas in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Favorite teas in Fire Emblem: Three Houses
As with most characters, Shamir loves her favorite tea in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. © Nintendo

As stated above, each character has up to three favorite teas (though a few like Lysithea have four!). If you pick one of them for your party, they’ll comment either on the tea itself or on how thoughtful you are. Because of the sheer number of teas and characters, we’ve yet to find the favorite teas of the full cast, but we’ll be adding to this list as we discover them all. 

Remember, you’ll still need to do well with conversation topics too, so be sure to study up with our comprehensive tea party guide. Ready for a brew? Good, because here’s our list of all the favorite teas in Fire Emblem: Three Houses that we’ve discovered so far.

Black Eagles

  • Edelgard: Bergamot or Hresvelg Blend
  • Hubert: Cinnamon Blend, Dagda Fruit Blend or Hresvelg Blend
  • Dorothea: Sweet-Apple Blend or Albinean Berry Blend
  • Ferdinand: Southern Fruit Blend, Almyran Pine Needles or Seiros Tea
  • Bernadetta: Albinean Berry Blend or Honeyed-Fruit Blend
  • Petra: Ginger Tea or Four-Spice Blend
  • Linhardt: Angelica Tea or Almyran Pine Needles
  • Caspar: Ginger Tea

Blue Lions

  • Dmitri: Chamomile
  • Dedue: Ginger Tea, Cinnamon Blend or Four-Spice Blend
  • Annette: Almond Blend, Sweet-Apple Blend or Rose Petal Blend
  • Ashe: Mint Tea or Angelica Tea
  • Felix: Four-Spice Blend or Amyran Pine Needles
  • Sylvain: Bergamot or Seiros Tea
  • Mercedes: Albinean Berry Blend, Southern Fruit Blend or Crescent Moon Tea
  • Ingrid: Mint Tea or Chamomile
All favorite teas in Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Characters will comment when they receive their favorite teas in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. © Nintendo

Golden Deer

  • Claude: Chamomile or Almyran Pine Needles
  • Hilda: Albinean Berry Blend, Southern Fruit Blend, Mint Leaves or Rose Petal Blend
  • Lorenz: Bergamot, Rose-Petal Blend or Seiros Tea
  • Leonie: Four-Spice Blend or Angelica Tea
  • Raphael: Almond Blend or Ginger Tea
  • Ignatz: Lavender Blend, Seiros Tea or Dagda Fruit Blend
  • Marianne: Lavendar Blend, Cinnamon Blend or Dagda Fruit Blend
  • Lysithea: Sweet-Apple Blend, Southern Fruit Blend, Crescent-Moon Tea or Honeyed-Fruit Blend

Staff and Knights

  • Manuela: Mint Tea or Lavender Blend
  • Shamir: Crescent Moon Tea or Chamomile
  • Catherine: Leicester Cortania
  • Flayn: Sweet Apple Blend or Crescent Moon Tea
  • Cyril: Almyran Pine Needles
  • Alois: Crescent Moon Tea or Honeyed-Fruit Blend
  • Seteth: Ginger Tea, Four-Spice Blend or Angelica Tea
  • Gilbert: Almond Blend or Lavender Blend
  • Hanneman: Bergamot or Sweet-Apple Blend
  • Rhea: Crescent-Moon Tea, Chamomile or Angelica Tea

Those are all the favorite teas we’ve discovered so far in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but we’re still working on this list so be sure to check back again soon when we’ve updated it. Have you found any favorite teas? Who do you like to invite? Let us know in the comments below! For more guides, see our list of all Class Requirements, or how to get all Forge materials in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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