How to get Pugneum in No Man's Sky

You'll need to take on the universe's metallic guardians if you want to get Pugneum in No Man's Sky.

The alien worlds of No Man’s Sky hold many different resources for you to find and harvest, some of which prove more difficult to find than others. Pugneum is a neutral element resource that isn’t naturally found on planets, instead serving as the effective lifeblood of the protective Sentinel machines. Want to start harvesting this material? We’ll help you out by teaching you how to get Pugneum in No Man’s Sky.

How to get Pugneum in No Man’s Sky

How to get Pugneum in No Man's Sky - Pugneum oil image
Pugneum is a creepy oil-like substance in No Man's Sky. © Hello Games 

Thanks to the No Man's Sky gamepedia page for the image.

A sinister liquid which hums when it comes close to organic materials, Pugneum is required for a few different activities including opening up the containers on abandoned freighters. Unfortunately, obtaining it isn’t easy. The only way to get Pugneum in No Man’s Sky is to kill Sentinels. When you’re on foot the Sentinel drones may drop some, but it’s the big walkers who’ll provide the bulk of your reward.

These intergalactic guardians won’t go down easy, so make sure you’ve built and upgraded your Boltcaster a few times before you start starting riots on each planet you visit. Mining Lasers can take them down, but you’ll fare much better with a weapon. Take out their leg armor, then aim for the head and chest to bring them down.

You might be used to seeing Sentinels on planets, but the best way to get Pugneum quickly is to fight the Space Sentinels such as Sentinel Fighters. These typically drop more Pugneum than their land-based equivalents, but again you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared for a battle in that environment - upgrade those ship weapons if dogfighting is your style!

Now that you’ve learned how to get Pugneum in No Man’s Sky, have you explored everything new that the No Man’s Sky Beyond update added? Here’s our guide to finding the Space Anomaly so you can visit the Nexus social hub whenever you want! We have loads of other No Man's Sky guides available too, so have a browse!

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