How to get Deuterium in No Man's Sky

Want your hydrogen to be a bit heavier? Follow our guide on how to get Deuterium in No Man's Sky!

With so many different resources to mine, harvest and craft in No Man’s Sky, it can be tricky to remember how to get all of them. Some materials like Deuterium are particularly rare and require certain technological developments before you can get them easily. If you’ve been struggling to build up a bank of heavy hydrogen in your stores, this guide will teach you how to get Deuterium in No Man’s Sky.

How to get Deuterium in No Man’s Sky

How to get Deuterium in No Man's Sky
Deuterium is mainly obtained by refining Di-hydrogen and Tritium in No Man's Sky. © Hello Games

Thanks to the No Man's Sky gamepedia page for the image.

Deuterium is an earth element that was added in the No Man’s Sky NEXT update. It’s needed to build the Pulse Spitter, but early on it can be tough to obtain if you don’t have the right technology. There are a few different methods to get Deuterium in No Man’s Sky which we’ve listed below:

  • Refine 1x Di-hydrogen and 1x Tritium
  • Purchase it from terminals or NPCs
  • Dismantle Deuterium technology
  • Harvest it from some Space Station potted plants

Previously, Deuterium could be harvested from blue plants on Deuterium-rich worlds, but this was eventually patched out to leave the options above. The most common method of creating Deuterium is to refine Di-hydrogen and Tritium. This must be done at a Medium or Large Refiner. Di-hydrogen can be obtained from blue crystals, while Tritium can be mined from asteroids or bought from many NPCs.

As with many resources you can also buy Deuterium from some NPCs or terminals, but as a rarer resource, it’s not commonly available or in large quantities. Finally, you can get Deuterium by dismantling Deuterium-based technology. Given the Pulse Splitter is the only piece of gear that uses Deuterium, you’re not likely to need more once you already have it. Want to see Deuterium production in action? Check out the video below by Mac Foraday.

Now that you know how to get Deuterium you can craft Pulse Spitters to your heart’s content. Once you’re ready to see new things in No Man’s Sky, you might also want to check our guides for how to get Pugneum or Cobalt, or how to find the Space Anomaly Nexus following the Beyond update!

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