How to get the Survey Device in No Man's Sky

If you want to find mineral and power hotspots, you'll first need to get the Survey Device in No Man's Sky to upgrade your Analysis Visor.

The No Man’s Sky Beyond update has brought many new changes and interesting features to the planet-hopping survival game. One of the most important is the new method by which minerals, gases and power can be harvested. Hidden hotspots are now dotted throughout planets and provide a nice resource boost if you know how to find and harvest them. To do so you’ll need to know how to get the Survey Device in No Man’s Sky. Good news traveller! That’s exactly what this guide will teach you.

How to get the Survey Device in No Man’s Sky

How to get the Survey Device in No Man's Sky - The Space Anomaly Nexus Hub
You can pick up the Survey Device blueprints from the Space Anomaly Nexus hub in No Man's Sky. © Hello Games

To get the Survey Device in No Man’s Sky, you first need to grab its blueprint. As with the other Multi-Tool blueprints, you’ll find the Survey Device designs on the Space Anomaly Nexus hub. Visit the Technology Merchant and you’ll be able to snap it up. With the blueprint in your hands, you then need the following ingredients to get the Survey Device:

  • Sodium Diode x3
  • Cobalt Mirror x1
  • Wiring Loom x2

Once you’ve made the Survey Device you can then use the Analysis Visor to scan for hotspots. Build an Electromagnetic, Gas or Mineral Extractor to start harvesting the hotspot for those valuable resources. Scanning with the Visor can be quite confusing as you’ll only be alerted to whatever the nearest hotspot type is. Keep exploring and scanning in other areas to try and find different types, indicated by the color shift of the screen (pink for power, yellow for minerals). Looking for an Electromagnetic hotspot is a great way to choose a base foundation as it’ll grant you an excellent and easy source of power.

Now that you know how to get the Survey Device in No Man’s Sky, you’re ready to head out and construct some Mineral Extractors to rake in the goods. Looking for more new No Man’s Sky content? Be sure to read our full rundown of the No Man’s Sky Beyond update patch notes

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