Need For Speed Heat has an app so you can customize cars while you drive

Don't use your phone for the Need For Speed Heat app while driving, that's a joke, please don't do it.

Need For Speed Heat will allow you to customize your car and your character, with a special app to let you do it on the go.

NFS Heat Studio is available now in most territories on iOS and Android, and will let you transfer your creations over to the full game when it releases November 8.

There are a huge number of customizations in Need For Speed Heat, so doing it through the app should let you get on with other things in life while crafting the perfect ride. There are clothing and accessories for your avatar, but for the real star of the show you can change everything from the wheel rims and tyre profile to how much overrun your exhaust has so it makes those nice popping noises when you gear down at speed.

More details revealed during Need For Speed Heat's first gameplay video include how the day/night cycle works in the game. In Palm City, you race in Speedhunter Showdowns during the day to earn money and bank it. Cops will try to stop you, but they're just day patrols so they'll play by the rules, fine you, try to slow you down with PIT maneouvers and so on.

You spend that money on customizations, obviously, but then at night you take part in illicit street races which earn you rep, and increase your Heat level. As your Heat level goes up, you'll unlock more parts to customize your car with, and also anger the cops who don't tend to play by the rules after dark. They'll employ helicopters and "rhinos" to take you down. That's just a massive armored truck that drives head-on towards you.

There is car damage in the game, and if you take too much day or night you'll get busted and lose all your unbanked cash or rep, so make sure to get your car fixed up at a garage or a hideout before heading back out to earn more.

Of course there'll be more than one of you, and you can crew up with friends or get matched with strangers online while you tear up the Palm City streets. 

The Need For Speed Heat app announcement came as part of the opening ceremony of Gamescom 2019, Opening Night Live. This is the first such keynote stream, organized by industry veteran Geoff Keighley, and has some of the heft of an E3 presentation if not all of the exclusives.

For more of what was revealed during Gamescom 2019 Opening Night Live, check out our other coverage.


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