How to Fast Travel in Control

The Oldest House is a malleable place, but you can get around quickly if you learn how to fast travel in Control.

The sprawling and ever-changing labyrinth of the Oldest House can make for a confusing place. It’s easy to get lost as you navigate through the many sectors of Control’s map, and you’ll often find you need to check signs to keep your bearings. Thankfully it won’t be long before you unlock the option to fast travel between areas, though it’s easy to miss that this is even a feature if you’re too engrossed in the story. Looking to get around quickly? This guide will help you learn how to fast travel in Control.

How to Fast Travel in Control

How to fast travel in Control
You can fast travel in Control by interacting with a Control Point. © Remedy

You can fast travel any time you reach a Control Point that you’ve cleansed of the Hiss’ presence. Simply walk up to it an interact (hold Square on PS4) to open up the Control Point menu. Fast travel will be at the top of the list, so select it to bring up a map of the bureau and a list of all the fast travel points you’ve got access to so far. From there all you need to do is select the place you want to head to and Jesse will teleport to that location. 

Making use of fast travel will get you around the Oldest House much more quickly, but get used to checking your surroundings and the map too. Any time you head to a new area you’ll need to use your own navigation skills to make your way through it. Control rewards exploration, so be sure to investigate any tempting paths or sounds as well. 

Control Fast Travel map
Select the fast travel option and you'll open a map of all the Control Points you currently have access to. © Remedy

Now that you know how to fast travel in Control, make sure you head back to Central Executive every now and again to see how the other sane members of the Oldest House are doing. The Hiss can make the Oldest House a spooky place, so cheer yourself up from time to time by visiting your colleagues!

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