Can you Fast Travel in Oninaki?

Answering whether you can use Fast Travel mechanics in Oninaki.

With the release of Oninaki on August 22 comes questions over what you can and cna’t do in the game. Namely, whether or not you can Fast Travel. To start, we can confirm that Fast Travel is indeed available in Oninaki. While it’s relatively straightforward to unlock, using it can be confusing to some at first. To help, we’ve put together a quick guide addressing how to use Fast Travel in Oninaki.

Can you Fast Travel in Oninaki?

Can you Fast Travel in Oninaki?
Fast Travel is available in Oninaki with options that expand as you discover new areas and interact with their Save Points.
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Yes, like most RPGs on the market, Oninaki offers an in-game Fast Travel system. To unlock Fast Travel in Oninaki, you’ll need to play through the opening portion of the game and complete the Prologue. After that, Fast Travel will be unlocked. However, you can only Fast Travel to locations you’ve already discovered.

When you visit a new location, you’ll need to head towards that area’s Save Point (large obelisk pillar) and interact with it (A on Switch, X on PS4) to unlock it for future Fast Travel purposes. As added incentive, interacting with these Save Point structures will replenish your health if you’re fresh from combat. With various Save Point towers unlocked in Oninaki, you can return to them as needed via the Fast Travel menu.

To do this, open your main menu using the d-pad or equivalent on PC. From there, scroll through and choose the “Fast Travel” sub-menu, then pick one of your unlocked Save Points. In doing so, the game will initiate Fast Travel and after a few seconds of loading, you’ll spawn into your chosen area.

You can Fast Travel as much as you need to in Oninaki, so if you Fast Travel to an area only to realize you need to backtrack, you can do so by repeating the steps listed above without penalty.

Now that you know how to Fast Travel in Oninaki, be sure to check out our previous guide where we outline how long it’ll take you to beat Oninaki.

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