Ryo doesn't have enough kung fu in Shenmue 3 gameplay trailer

The Shenmue 3 gameplay trailer from Gamescom 2019 is full of all that hallmark Hazuki content.

Shenmue 3 is (achingly) slowly crawling towards its November 19 revival of the 20-year-old series and based on this gameplay trailer it'll be everything we dreamed of.

The trailer, which shows us a day in the life of Ryo Hazuki in the third stage of his adventure to avenge his father, was released during Gamescom to whet our appetites for all the little things to distract us from avenging Ryo's father.

The English voice acting is perfectly terrible, as usual, so it's definitely a Shenmue game. And all the arcade games! There's some cute physical and mechanical games, such as that Outrun rip off which is just a road painted on a rotating cylinder, which is very of the time.

We're excited to see all of the distractions and side activities we've come to love over Shenmue's history are coming back as well, but there's also a hint at how there can be another game of Ryo learning martial arts and fighting his way through a town.

It seems Ryo might have forgotten some of his moves, as a character exclaims "You idiot! You can still win even if you don't have enough Kung Fu!" suggesting: a) Kung Fu is a quantifiable resource, and possessing more of it makes you objectively better at fighting, and b) Ryo has possible lost his memory and, thus, some of his precious Kung Fu has ebbed away.

Then he asks Ryo, "Hey, is there anywhere you can learn Kung Fu?" Obviously this is a prompt for Ryo to head to the place where all the street fights happen, which sounds like a lawless place but they have a neon sign that says "No Running" in fancy cursive letters, so first impressions can be deceiving.

Also that creepy hunched over guy is back and kicking Ryo's ass with his superior amount of Kung Fu, so we're definitely going to have to git gud again.

Shenmue 3 is out November 19, and will supposedly only get us 40% of the way to the big showdown with Lahn Di, so look forward to finishing Ryo's revenge story in 2048.


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