BTS is getting another mobile game

A mysterious teaser for a new BTS mobile game dropped and no, it isn't just a repeat of BTS World.

Big Hit Entertainment, the label behind one of the biggest k-pop groups, BTS, have been busy sharing plans and dropping project announcements this week. Among them, a teaser trailer for a brand new BTS-related mobile game from developer Netmarble. Yes, this will be the second time Big Hit and Netmarble work together on a mobile game as the two companies partnered to release BTS World back in June.

BTS is getting another mobile game

BTS is getting another mobile game
Big Hit and Netmarble are working together to release another mobile game set in the BTS Universe.
© Big Hit, Netmarble

Based on the short teaser trailer, the new BTS game looks to offer different mechanics than the previous title, BTS World. Currently, the next BTS mobile game lacks an official name, and information on the project is scarce. However, fans are given a brief clue in the trailer description. “Where is the map of the soul to open the future?”

Good question. During Big Hit’s corporate briefing, CEO Bang Si-Hyuk commented on the game, noting that it’ll connect to the group’s storytelling IP. “Set in a new genre, this new work will provide another encounter with the BTS Universe rendered through lush, emotion-filled art,” explained Bang Si-Hyuk.

To us, this sounds like an interactive visual novel. With the gorgeous art shown in the trailer, we’re eager to play the game ourselves once it’s released. Outside of the new mobile game with Netmarble, Big Hit announced on Monday that it had acquired the music game company Superb. Following the announcement, Superb noted plans to develop “new games using Big Hit’s music and intellectual property.”

While nothing has been confirmed yet, it’s possible Superb may also offer a BTS game in the near future. Meanwhile, Big Hit also confirmed they’re working on a TV drama based around BTS. According to Big Hit, the drama will feature actors portraying younger versions of the seven BTS members (think of it like a BTS prequel).

Given that BTS are taking an “extended period of rest and relaxation” the use of actors rather than the artists themselves makes sense. We’re sad we won’t get to see more of the group’s acting chops, though. With the TV drama news coming on the heels of the new mobile game announcement, we’re wondering if both will be connected somehow. If so, it’s possible the two projects could release alongside one another.

As of right now, no release date has been announced for either property. Stay tuned, as we’ll be posting updates on the new BTS mobile game as they’re made available. Until then, what are your thoughts on the project? Are you eager to see more of BTS, or are you still struggling to complete BTS World? Let us know down in the comments below!

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