How to solve the HRA Machine puzzle in Control

Stuck on the pesky punch card order in Control? Here's the solution to the HRA Machine puzzle.

In between the combat and exploration of Control, you’ll occasionally be tasked with solving a few puzzles. These can catch you off guard if you were in a combat frame of mind, so don’t feel too bad if you end up stuck. One of the first puzzles you’ll reach is the HRA Machine puzzle which asks you to place certain punch cards in machines around the room. If you’re having trouble, this guide will teach you how to solve the HRA Machine puzzle in Control.

How to solve the HRA Machine puzzle in Control

How to solve the HRA Machine puzzle in Control
These whiteboards will help you solve the HRA Machine puzzle in Control. © Remedy

To solve the HRA Machine puzzle in Control you need to place the punch cards in the correct machines throughout the room and upstairs. To start, collect all of the yellow punch cards with images of cubes from around the room. These should be very obvious thank to the game highlighting them after you test the machine.

Once you have all the cards, the next stage is to figure out the order. This is revealed if you look at all of the whiteboards in the downstairs and upstairs. Each one has one or two icons shown without crosses. There are a couple with arrows to mislead you, but with the full set of board and order should be clear. To help you out, we’ve included the correct order in the images below to save you time. 

Control HRA Puzzle Solution card order
The HRA Puzzle solution. © Remedy

Each machine has a number on its side, so place the punch cards matching the symbols shown above in each one. Once you place the last card they’ll lock in and the HRA Machine will be ready to work. Head down and work the machine to progress the story. Congratulations! You’ve now protected many more members of the bureau from the Hiss.

Now that you know how to solve the HRA Machine puzzle in Control, you’re ready to start saving agents from the Oldest House. Looking for more Control guides? We have a list of all Service Weapon Forms and a rundown of all Abilities in Control.

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