Mario Kart Tour launches September 25, pre-register now

Mario Kart Tour comes to iOS and Android next month, but pre-registration is open now.

Mario Kart Tour's release date has been officially unveiled as September 25 as pre-registration for iOS and Android opens now.

As the mobile automobile madness prepares to get off the start line next month, Mario Kart Tour's pre-registration is open for App Store and Google Play users now.

Like Super Mario Run, Doctor Mario and other mobile Nintendo games, Mario Kart Tour will be free-to-play when it launches on September 25, but it will contain some new tracks based upon real cities like Paris, Tokyo and New York, alongside some classic tracks. It will also contain micro-transactions, geared towards helping you get ahead in the race for customizations and other unlockables.

As for that progression, players will be able to unlock various drivers, karts, and gliders, similarly to the way you can set up your kart before a round of Mario Kart 8, though we suspect the gameplay may not be quite as heart-racing.

The app description says that one finger allows you to "steer and drift with ease", while you can throw devastating items as you go. There is also a Frenzy Mode, which gives you an unlimited supply of "a certain item" while making you invinciblle for a short time. That sounds like it'll cost money to replenish.

There are also bonus challenges instead of simple races for first place, such as "Vs. Mega Bowser" and "Goomba Takedown", which from the looks of screenshots appears to be some sort of bowling game where you are the ball and you're trying to take down piles of Goombas stacked around the tracks.

You can pre-register now to play Mario Kart Tour on iOS and Android when it releases on September 25.


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