All Side Missions in Control

Build up a bank of Ability Points and make the Bureau a safer place by learning and completing all side missions in Control.

Control’s main story, while excellent, can be run through pretty quickly. Thankfully there are several side missions to keep you occupied as you progress through the Oldest House. Most of the side missions are given by other characters you’ll find while exploring, so be sure to speak with any important folks you meet to find out what they’re after. Completing side missions will net you upgrade materials, Ability Points and, in the rare case, new outfits. Want to know the full list of what’s available? Here’s a list of all side missions in Control.

All Side Missions in Control

All Side Missions in Control
There are quite a few side missions in Control and many will see you face tough enemies. © Remedy

Side Missions in Control are mostly given by other characters you meet while exploring the bureau, but you’ll also encounter some through Objects of Power or rogue Altered Items that need to be cleansed. You should always complete the Object of Power missions as soon as possible because these will grant new powers to Jesse. We’ve split the list based on character or Objects of power to see everything available.

Objects of Power/Altered Items - Various

A Merry Chase - Investigate the strange light in the Break Room. Encountered the first time you enter the Maintenance Department and head to the Janitor’s Office. Unlocks Evade.

A Good Defense - Investigate the Training Course. During Mission 3, find the note in upstairs level at the entrance to NSC Energy Converters. Head to Field Training and complete the course within the time limit to reach the Safe Object of Power. Unlocks Shield.

A Captive Audience - Investigate the X-Ray Lightbox Object of Power. While completing the Old Boy’s Club mission you can find a document nearParapsychology which will start this quest. Otherwise, head to the Hypnosis Lab in Research. Find the computers and match the symbol in the background on the wall. Unlocks Seize.

The Enemy Within - Investigate the Safe Room. Once you’ve rescued the medic in the A Matter of Time mission you’ll have the chance to return to tackle a dangerous Altered item, but first you need to have gained the Levitate ability. Expect a tough bossfight against the Anchor. Oh, and plenty of clocks too.

Self Reflection - In the Research: Synchronicity Lab, follow the path to Mirror Testing and and complete the puzzle within. Enter the mirror world and battle Essej. When you return you’ll be able to claim the Asynchronous Suit outfit.

Ahti the Janitor - Janitor’s Office

What A Mess: Burn the Trash - Destroy the hazardous material in the Furnace Chamber.

What A Mess: Clear The Clog - Activate the draining pump. Appears in the Janitor’s Office after Mission 4.

What A Mess: Talk To The Plants - Talk to the plants. Available following Mission 6. Find various potted plants in Central Executive and speak to the plants to help them grow.

What A Mess: Clear The Mold - Destroy the Mold clumps in the designated location. Available after Mission 7.

What A Mess: Even More Mold - Destroy even more Mold clumps in NSC Coolant Pumps. You need Levitate to reach the upper levels.

What A Mess: Take A Break - After completing all of the What A Mess missions, return to Ahti and take a seat to be rewarded with the Janitor’s Assistant outfit.

All side quests in Control
The Langston's Runaways side mission tasks you with hunting down several rogue AWEs. © Remedy

Arish - NSC Power Plant/Central Executive

Old Friends -  Find the Six pouches word by Arish’s old squadmates (fight Hiss-corrupted rangers). Available from Arish in Central Executive.

Emily Pope

Mr. Tommasi - Head to Turntable to battle the Hiss-corrupted Tommasi one last time. To activate this mission, speak to Emily Pope towards the end of the game (after you've visited Turntable). 

Dr Underhill - under Central Research

Old Growth - Collect the five Mold samples for Dr. Underhill. Found under Central Research. Find the area overrun by Mold and drop down the hole. Follow the path to reach Dr. Underhill. After completing this you’ll need to wait until after Mission 6 to return and battle the source of the Mold.

Mold Removal - Hunt down Mold Hosts hidden in various parts of the bureau. Available after completing Old Growth.

Langston - Panopticon

Fridge Duty - Try to help Philip and subdue the fridge. You can speak to this poor agent while looking for Dylan in the Panopticon, but you won’t be able to help him until after you’re completed Mission 6 and make your way back down the Panopticon. Speak with Langston once you have the mission and prepare for a tough boss fight.

Langston’s Runaways - Track down and cleanse several Altered Items including the Hand Chair, Moving Letters, Japanese Paper Lantern, Traffic Light, Flamingo, Mannequin and Rubber Duck. The quest comes in two stages.

Those are all the Side Missions in Control. Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, just please don’t make us face the Mold again. If you're after a guide for a specific side mission, let us know that we can put it together for you! For more Control guides and news, feel free to browse our hub for the game.

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