Untitled Goose Game releases on Switch, EGS this September

It's time to let the goose loose as House House's stealthy honk-em-up comes out September 20.

Untitled Goose Game (which appears to now just be its final title) is coming out on Nintendo Switch and Epic Game Store on September 20.

The final reveal trailer of the game, which has you play as a goose whose sole job appears to be to terrorize a small village with otherwise benign pranks, shows off all the ways you can accomplish your annoying goal.

We've had our eye on Untitled Goose Game ever since we first laid eyes on that naughty goose, so getting a chance to ruin these poor villagers days so soon is making us honk in anticipation. We're also thrilled that instead of thinking up a name they've stuck with the classic untitled album. If the numbering system is anything like our photoshop files, we look forward to playing the sequel Untitled Goose Game (copy) sometime in the next few years.

A range of honk-amplifying (and muffling) devices appear to be part of the game, to help you play tricks on these unsuspecting chumps.

We look forward to letting loose our inner goose on September 20 when Untitled Goose Game releases on Nintendo Switch and Epic Game Store and will cost $14.99 at launch.


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