How to switch shoulders in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghosts are ambidextrous, but everyone has a preference so learn how to switch shoulders in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint drops you in the thick of things, on the run as you fight for survival. As such, there’s not much handholding while you get to grips with the various controls. One problem you might immediately run into is figuring out how to switch shoulders with the camera, which is quite important when sneaking past and taking on numerous baddies! Fear not, we’ve got you covered with a quick guide on how to switch shoulders in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

How to switch shoulders in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

How to switch shoulders in Ghost Recon Breakpoint
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Your character will automatically switch shoulders if you walk into cover against a wall so that you have the maximum vision on the side you want. This is very handy when peeking around a corner to spot enemies, but becomes a disorienting if left once you move out of cover. Thankfully, swapping the shoulder the camera is over is really simple.

If you’re playing on console, you can switch shoulders by tapping the right shoulder button. That’s RB on Xbox and R1 on PS4. This will jump the camera from one side to the other. If you’re playing on PC, it’ll default to a click in of the middle mouse button. Here’s the list in a more palatable form:

  • PC: Tap the Middle Mouse Button to switch shoulders.
  • Xbox One: Tap RB to switch shoulders.
  • PlayStation 4: Tap R1 to switch shoulders.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint includes fully remappable controls on PC, which is very handy considering not all mice have a middle mouse button. Knowing how to switch shoulders on the fly is extremely important in a game like Ghost Recon Breakpoint, so map it to a key or button you’ll have easy access to and won’t forget.


Now that you know how to switch shoulders in Ghost Recon Breakpoint you can continue your efforts to survive on a hostile island. We’ll have more guides for the game up soon, so stay tuned!

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