How to earn Tickets in Tetris 99

A quick tutorial explaining how to earn Tickets and how to use them to purchase Themes in Tetris 99.

Following the 2.0 update for Tetris 99, Daily Missions were added along with a form of in-game currency called Tickets. If you peruse through the list of new Themes added to the game, you’ll see that most can be purchased in exchange for Tickets. Given that cool Themes like Donkey Kong or Galaxy can only be purchased if you have 15 Tickets, the question of how to earn more Tickets is bound to crop up. To help, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining how to earn Tickets and how to use them to purchase Themes in Tetris 99!

How to earn Tickets in Tetris 99

How to earn Tickets in Tetris 99
Complete Daily Missions to earn Tickets, which can be used to purchase new Themes in Tetris 99.
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In Tetris 99, the main way to earn Tickets is by completing Daily Missions. As the feature suggests, Daily Missions change each day with new objectives added. To earn the max amount of Tickets, you’ll need to log in each day and work to complete the list of Daily Missions. For example, today’s Daily Missions include the following objectives.

  • Finish in the top 40 of a Tetris 99 online battle.
  • Get a total of 5 K.O.s in Tetris 99 online battles.
  • Play CPU Battle one time.
  • Complete 2 T-Spins in a single Marathon session.

Each Daily Mission gives players the opportunity to earn 1 ticket, meaning that if we were to complete all of these objectives, we’d earn 4 new Tickets bringing our total number of Tickets up to 14. As such, we’d need to log in the next day and complete at least 1 more objective to get the 15 Tickets needed to purchase a Theme like Super Mario Bros. or Treasure Hunt.

Once you have enough Tickets, you can head to the Customize menu and from there, select Themes. Scroll left or right to browse through the Themes, and when you find one you wish to purchase, you can press “A” to exchange your Tickets. As long as you have the necessary number of Tickets, you should be able to unlock and equip a brand new Theme.

To recap, the best way to earn Tickets in Tetris 99 is by logging in and completing Daily Missions. With your Tickets, you can purchase new Themes by heading to the Customize menu, then opening your list of Themes. To maximize the number of Tickets you earn and Themes you unlock, you’ll want to check back each day and complete all of the Daily Missions in Tetris 99!

Now that you know how to earn Tickets in Tetris 99 and how to use them to purchase new Themes, be sure to check out some of our previous guides including all of the Themes available in Tetris 99, how Badges work in Tetris 99, and how to easily swap your Theme around in Tetris 99.

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