Project Resistance looks like Left4Dead but one player controls the baddies

A teaser for Capcom's upcoming Resident Evil multiplayer tie-in Project Resistance shows off some interesting mechanics.

Capcom's upcoming co-op survival game Project Resistance looks like an asymmetric multiplayer title where one player handles the horror side, according to a teaser trailer before this weekend's Tokyo Game Show gameplay reveal.

What many had thought would be a Resident Evil Outbreak remake has been teased as a four-player shooter but with what appears to be a twist. An unidentified person sits in a control room while our fearless foursome stumble through traps sprung on them by the aforementioned stranger.

At the end of the teaser, Mr X appears from behind a door. We're going to go ahead and assume that Mr X didn't get his computing degree and isn't the one pulling the levers. But from the rest of the teaser footage it seems as if four players will team up to try and track down the mastermind of their own personal hell level. Then when they get a little too close to finding the button-pusher, the mysterious coward sends out a boss to deal with.

Asymmetric multiplayer titles have always seemed like an incredible idea on paper, but in practice they rarely Evolve into something that's fun to play. (Sorry to the one member of the AG team whom genuinely loves Evolve – Ed.)

We're hoping that this mix of Left4Dead-style co-operative survival and the commander mode of Battlefield 2142 will be the secret sauce missing from so many games before this.

No other information about Project Resistance has been released, but from what looks like in-engine cinematics, this is the same RE Engine that recent Capcom games including DMC V and RE2 remake have been using. We'll have more information on a Project Resistance release date and other details when gameplay footage is shown at the Tokyo Game Show this weekend.


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