An Introductory Guide to Planar Magnetic Drivers

Planar Magnetic Drivers: What they are, and how they can change up your gaming experience. Find out here now.

At HyperX, we're always on the lookout for technology that will give our players an extra edge or make their audio entertainment more enjoyable and engrossing.

Planar magnetic drivers are high-end drivers that we're excited to bring into the gaming space. We're taking techology from the high-end audio realm and incorporating it into our headsets like the Cloud Orbit and Cloud Orbit S for the gamer who wants audiophile-quality sound. So, what goes into a planar driver? It's time for another HyperX educational breakdown.

Patented Audeze planar drivers utilize an ultra-thin layer of electrostatic material called the Uniforce Diaphragm. On both sides of this material are powerful planes of precisely-positioned, fluxor electromagnets that hold the thin, electrically-active diaphragm material in balance. The evenly-distributed force that these drivers apply to the diaphragm prevents it from rippling, which helps keep distortion to a minimum.

Because planar drivers only need to vibrate this super-thin material to produce sound, the listener will get ver clear and precise sounds with minimal distortion. The Cloud Orbit and Orbit S also use Fazor technology to reduce the interference created by the sound passing through the magnets for an extra level of clarity. 3D audio in particular, benefits from the improvements to the audio precision that planar drivers provide. Planar drivers produce textured bass and rich audio, ensuring that it can precisely positioned within the 3D audio atmosphere.

Planar magnetic drivers deliver some of the richest audio ever heard on a gaming headset, giving players who use them a truly premium experience that enhances both their enjoyment and gameplay. HyperX is proud to be bringing high-end planar drivers to the gaming masses, so be on the lookout for the Cloud Orbit and Cloud Orbit S and try out the planar experience for yourself.

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