How to get GR Wildlands rewards in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Unlock weapons, skins, titles and emblems for Ghost Recon Breakpoint by playing missions in Wildlands right now.

As we approach the release of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Ubisoft is ramping up the excitement by offering a plethora of rewards players can earn by playing Ghost Recon Wildlands right now. If you want to score yourself a Rainbow Six Seige weapon, unique vehicle and weapon skins, titles and much more, check our guide below on how to get GR Wildlands rewards in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

GR Wildlands rewards in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

How to get Wildlands rewards in Ghost Recon Breakpoint
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There are a massive number of unlockable rewards you can earn for Breakpoint, all by completing certain missions or activities in Ghost Recon Wildlands. There are 11 tasks to complete in total split between the different modes, with each offering a different reward.

You have until September 27 to complete these challenges, and you can track your progress in Ubisoft Club if your account is linked. You must have your account connected to the internet for the challenges to count. If you’re successful, anything you complete will be unlocked immediately when you first play Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Here are the details on each and every challenge:

Campaign rewards

Explore the wildlands

Reward: Pick-up vehicle

A very easy challenge to complete, all you need to do is play Ghost Recon Wildlands once before September 27. Do that and you’ll get a sweet new ride in Breakpoint.

Complete the campaign

Reward: Sueno’s favorite weapon

If you’ve beaten Wildland’s campaign, you’ve already sorted this challenge. If not you need to take out El Sueno and his buddies. Finish the campaign and you’ll unlock El Sueno’s weapon in Breakpoint. Make sure you at least log in to Wildlands at least once if you’ve already beaten the campaign.

Endgame rewards

Get rewards skins titles and emblems in Ghost Recon Breakpoint
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Complete Ghost Mode

Reward: Exclusive Ghost Title and Emblem

Beat the campaign and unlock the full Exo Suit (excluding Silver and Gold colors) in Ghost Mode and you’ll unlock an exclusive title and emblem in Breakpoint.

Take on Tier One Mode

Reward: Exclusive Tier 1 Title and Emblem

Make it to Tier One in the Wildland’s campaign and you’ll be rewarded with another exclusive title and emblem pairing to show off.

PvP rewards

Battle in Ghost War

Reward: CQC Knife

Hop into the 4v4 Ghost War mode for three full rounds (no quitting, you cowards!) and you’ll net a nice reward of a stabby knife. Presumably you can give it as a gift to your enemies in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. 

Earn Prestige

Reward: Exclusive Prestige Title and Emblem

Sticking with Ghost War, if you play one full round after reaching Prestige Level 1 then your hard work in Wildlands will be rewarded with an exclusive Title and Emblem in Breakpoint.

Special Operations rewards

Wildlands Rewards in Ghost Recon Breakpoint Sam Fisher
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Answer Sam Fisher’s Call

Reward: Sam Fisher’s pistol

Special Operations are found by zooming out in the Tacmap. Complete Operation Watchman in WIldlands and you’ll unlock Sam Fisher’s iconic pistol in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The mission will take you to La Cruz where Operation Watchman takes place.

Link up with Twitch

Reward: HK416 Rainbow Six weapon skin

No, not the streaming service. Take on Operation Archangel and you’ll meet up with Rainbow Six Siege’s Operator, Twitch. Head to the Caimanes to complete Operation Archangel and when you’re done you’ll have secured the HK416 assault rifle skin for Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Babysit Little Brother

Reward: Ghost Recon Future Soldier weapon skin

Operation Silent Spade is what you’re after this time. Travel to Media Luna and complete the Silent Spade mission to get the Future Soldier weapon skin in Breakpoint.

Get GR Wildlands weapon skins titles emblems in Ghost Recon Breakpoint
© Ubisoft

Walk the Walk with Walker

Reward: Laser Aptial HDG attachment

The last Operation reward sends you off to see Breakpoint’s baddy himself. Complete Operation Oracle in Montuyoc and you’ll get a handy laser attachment when you start the game. 

If you’re able to find the hidden Confidential Blueprint Kingslayer File in Operation Oracle you’ll also get an extra reward in Breakpoint.

Phew! There are quite a few bonuses waiting to be grabbed before September 27, so if you want to get the GR Wildlands rewards in Ghost Recon Breakpoint then you’d best get started soon. For more information, visit the explainer page on the Ubisoft website. While you’re here though, feel free to browse our other Breakpoint guides and news articles to get you started with the game.

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