Final Fantasy 7 Remake's TGS 2019 trailer shows more Shinra shenanigans

FF7 Remake's Tokyo Game Show trailer is full of Shinra bad guys and snippets of gameplay.

The latest trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake gives us our first glimpse of a number of Shinra agents who we'll come up against, again.

The trailer, from the Tokyo Game Show which begins tomorrow, also shows off a couple of summons which will help the Avalanche crew through their rebellious mission.

The bioterrorist team face off against corporate stooges to try and save the world from the Shinra company's evil capitalist machinations, and on the way have to battle against a number of literal men in suits.

They all look highly polished in the Remake's fancy graphical upgrade, which also sees certain fan favorite areas like the training gym turned into mini game montages.

Aeris' combat is also heavily featured in this trailer, as she zaps her way around the battlefield and summons in various demi-gods to help out.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake's first episode releases on March 3, 2020, so look forward to teaching those corporate bullies a lesson next spring.


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