The Best Gear You Can Get for NBA 2K20

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When you’re playing basketball, the right gear makes a real difference, and the same is true in the world of NBA 2K. Whether you’re taking your skills online or off, or just want to maximize your solo career, you need to the right gaming gear to back it up. Not sure where to start? HyperX has you covered with the best gaming headsets and gear for sports games like NBA 2K, whether you’re pounding the rock on console or PC.

The NBA 2K games have always had strong ties to the music industry, and being featured on each year’s tracklist is a big deal. That means you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a quality headset to properly appreciate those fresh new tunes while you organize your roster. HyperX’s Cloud gaming headsets will bring out the best of the beats, and also keep you locked in the when it’s time to hit the hardwood.

If you like to take your NBA 2K skills online and want to chat with your buddies, HyperX’s gaming headsets will let you deliver crisp and clear communication via the built-in microphones. Tailor-made for gaming, you won’t ever have to worry about your friends’ voices being drowned out during a match. So which headset should you strap on for the big game?

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Cloud Stinger Core with a Playstation 4.

Looking for an affordable, entry-level headset that won’t skimp on sound quality? The HyperX Cloud Stinger Core for PS4, or CloudX Stinger Core for Xbox One are the perfect gaming headsets to take your experience to a new level without breaking the bank. With 40mm neodymium drivers, the Cloud Stinger Core and CloudX Core gaming headsets are perfect entry-level choices, offering superb audio quality without a chunky price tag. Our Nintendo Switch friends might enjoy the convenience of running the break with the HyperX Cloud Earbuds. They’re optimized for Handheld Mode and include 3 sizes of silicone ear tips so they’ll fit right in like that glue guy every team needs.

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CloudX with Xbox Console.

Ready to take your game and your gear to the next level? The Cloud Gaming Headset for PS4 and officially-licensed CloudX Xbox Gaming Headset deliver superb audio quality with 53mm drivers. Built with a durable aluminium frame, these top-of-the-line gaming headsets offer sturdy builds without sacrificing that signature HyperX comfort thanks to memory foam ear cushions. We all have that one friend who always wants to run it back every time they take an L, so make sure your gaming gear will keep you comfortable and fresh for any impromptu 7-game series. The Cloud and CloudX headsets are the ideal choices for those after the best gear for console games.

The CloudX and Cloud Gaming Headsets also include detachable noise-cancellation microphones and in-line audio controls. With these HyperX headsets, you can mute your microphone or adjust volumes easily mid-game without having to dig in to the menus to silence the noise during those tense late-game free throws.

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Cloud Stinger Wireless.

Like to grab a drink or snack between games but don’t want to miss out on the chat with your friends online? Prefer to keep those tunes playing while you head to the fridge? The Cloud Stinger Wireless Gaming Headset for PS4 is exactly what you’re after. This 2.4GHz USB-charged headset offers the full comfort and quality of HyperX’s line while allowing you true freedom to move around your home. And with a battery life of up to 17 hours, you’ll never be at risk of running out of charge late in the 4th quarter.

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ChargePlay Quad.

Speaking of batteries, there’s nothing worse than sitting down for a gaming session to find your controllers have run out of juice. No intense NBA 2K session should be cut short because someone forgot to hook the Joy-Cons back into the Switch, so if you’re an NBA 2K player on Nintendo’s platform, you’ll want to make sure you’ve picked up the HyperX ChargePlay Quad

Allowing simultaneous charging of up to four Joy-Con controllers and coming with LED battery indicators, using the ChargePlay Quad will help make sure you won’t have to call time-out on your gaming session. Simply slot your Joy-Cons into the simple and secure docking for the ChargePlay Quad when you’re done and you’ll find your batteries at full every time you sit down to play.

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Cloud Alpha.

If you prefer to post up on PC, we’ve got you covered, too! If you’re looking to throw down monster jams from the comfort of your desktop PC, we suggest the HyperX Cloud Alpha. The revolutionary dual chamber design separates the bass from the mids and highs, allowing optimal tuning for cleaner, smoother sound. If you’re the type of player that enjoys breaking ankles with your keyboard, we’d suggest using the HyperX Alloy FPS RGB. It uses Kailh Silver Speed switches for super quick inputs and features exposed LEDs to make sure that you keyboard shines as brilliantly as your monster stat line.

With HyperX gear in your home, you’re sure to get the best NBA 2K experience possible, meaning all that’s left is to show your stuff where it really matters: on the court. Step up your game by picking up a HyperX headset or the HyperX ChargePlay Quad today.

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