Ring Fit Adventure price, release date and details

Everything you need to know about the Ring-Con and Ring Fit Adventure, including it's release date and price next month.

Nintendo has finally revealed more about their ring-based fitness peripheral for the Nintendo Switch. It’s called Ring Fit Adventure and takes us on a journey to defeat an evil bodybuilding dragon through fitness exercises. In case you were wondering, yes, that is the best setup for a story we’ve ever heard. Want to know more? We’ve got the full details on Ring Fit Adventure including price, release date and more below.

What is Ring Fit Adventure?

Ring Fit Adventure Price and Release Date
In Ring Fit Adventure you'll need tyo jog on the spot to move through each level. © Nintendo

Ring Fit Adventure is a new game from Nintendo designed to be used with the newly announced Ring-Con peripheral. So far Ring Fit adventure is the only game announced that will use the device. In Ring Fit Adventure you play through stages in a Super Mario style overworld on a quest to defeat the aforementioned bodybuilding dragon. Apparently he’s a villain who incorporates the worst elements of competitive gym culture.

Each level involves running through an environment (and we mean physically running here), squeezing or moving the ring to produce different effects like gusts of wind. Is there a fallen tree on the path ahead? Squeeze the ring and aim down to blast yourself into the air. The strength of effects as well as the speed you progress will all depend on the effort you use in real life. Let's hope the Ring-Con is durable enough!

As you make your way through levels you’ll encounter monsters and enemies that challenge you to fit battles. In these showdowns you’ll need to complete exercises that focus on different parts of the body. The better your form, the more damage you’ll deal or block during combat. Nintendo promises the game can be scaled to match any fitness level, and you can even engage a silent mode which lowers the impact of actions, along with the loud clumping of you running through each level.

According to Nintendo, if you only play Ring Fit Adventure for 30 minutes to an hour each day it could take you months to finish it, making it a great exercise companion. With different difficulty options, it could be a great way to encourage fitness for those who struggle to find the motivation.

Ring Fit Adventure release date

In a press release accompanying the trailer, Nintendo confirmed the Ring Fit Adventure release date as October 18, putting it just a month away. According to the Ring Fit Adventure page on the Nintendo website, pre-orders will open very soon for the device.

Ring Fit Adventure Price

Ring Fit Adventure will cost $79.99 USD on release. UK and EU prices have yet to be confirmed but we expect it to cost around £65-70 and €79.99. The package includes the Ring-Con, Leg Strap, and the Ring Fit Adventure game. Obviously you’ll also need a Nintendo Switch and a pair of Joy-Cons to play.

That’s all we know so far about Ring Fit Adventure, but we’ll be sure to update you if any more details on the release date and price come in. Are you keen to give it a try and test your fitness skills? Let us know in the comments below!

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