How to heal in Greedfall

Replenish your HP when it's low by learning how to heal in Greedfall.

In Greedfall – as in most games – your character has HP that dips whenever you take damage and can be replenished in a variety of ways. Like other RPGs, learning how to heal in Greedfall isn’t too difficult once you grow accustomed to the game, although there are a few things we still recommend keeping in mind. To simplify everything, we’ve put together a quick guide that explains how to heal in Greedfall!

How to heal in Greedfall

How to heal in Greedfall
You can heal in Greedfall by using Health Potions, resting, putting points in Vigor, or expanding the Magic Healing section of your Skill Tree.
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Greedfall gives you a well-rounded list of options when it comes to healing your character. Based on our experience, the best and quickest way to heal in Greedfall is by using Health Potions. What’s nice about Greedfall is that you’ll start the game with a few Health Potions, and once you run out, there are several ways to acquire more.

For example, you can craft Health Potions using Alchemy and the right ingredients (2x Hawthorn, 1x Beast Essence), you can loot Health Potions from chests, and you can even purchase them directly from Merchants if you’re in a bind. To avoid wasting your Health Potions, you can replenish your HP by resting in safe areas such as cities, houses, and camps.

You can also put points in Vigor to gradually restore Health over time which is particularly useful after you exit combat and have some free time to wander around as you’ll steadily heal back up without having to do anything. Depending on how you play the game, using the Magic Healing skill is another great option that’ll help you heal as needed in Greedfall.

To explore the Magic Healing option, you’ll want to locate it in your Skill Tree. The more you expand Magic Healing, the more effective it will become. At Level 2, Magic Healing will also rid you of poison while Level 4 lets you restore Armor Points. To be a team player, Level 5 lets you heal up members of your team.

If you’re uninterested in Magic Healing, you can pick up Resuscitation Powder to bring fallen team members back to life. It’s not as good as healing them before they perish like you would with Magic Healing, but it’s always an option!

Now that you know how to heal in Greedfall, be sure to read through some of our previous guides including how long it’ll take you to beat Greedfall, and all companion locations in Greedfall.

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