How to change Language in Borderlands 3 PC

Want to play in English? Here's how to change language in Borderlands 3 for the Epic Games Store on PC.

Borderlands 3 has now released, but many worldwide players on PC have found the game locked to their native language, leaving them unable to enjoy the voice acting, writing and story in English if they so desire. With many famous folks providing their tones for the game, it’d be a real shame to miss out through a locked language. Fortunately, there is a fix, so if you’re trying to change the language with the Epic Games Store release of Borderlands 3, read on.

How to change Language in Borderlands 3 PC

How to change Language in Borderlands 3 PC Epic Games Store
To chance language in Borderlands 3 PC, you need to open the settings on the Epic Games Store.

If you want to play Borderlands 3 in a different language to your region, you won’t find any options in-game. Instead, you need to play with the launch settings for Borderlands 3 on the Epic Games Launcher. To do this, open up the launcher and choose the setting option in the bottom left corner. Find Borderlands 3 on the list and tick the “Additional Command Line Arguments” box to open up a new entry field. In here you can adjust the language by entering “-language=“en”” or “-culture=en"(remove the outer speech marks). This will force your game to launch in English, so if you’re after another language, replace “en” with the appropriate letters.

How to change language borderlands 3 PC
The Additional Command Line Arguments box will let you change language in Borderlands 3.

To summarize, here are all the steps for how to change language in Borderlands 3 on PC:

  • Open the Epic Games Launcher
  • Click Settings
  • Scroll down to Borderlands 3 and open the drop down menu
  • Tick Additional Command Line Arguments
  • Enter the following for English language: -language=“en” 

Once you’ve figured out how to change language in Borderlands 3, you can enjoy the game in the manner you like! Hopefully you’ll find the choice of language you’re after, but you might need to play around with different letter combinations first. And if it is English you’re looking to hear, you might want to read our voice actors and cast list to see who’s yammering in your ear at any one time. Be sure to visit our Borderlands 3 hub for more useful tips!

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