The Best Gear You Can Get for Borderlands 3

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After seven long and loot-scarce years, Vault Hunters are now ready to jump into Borderlands 3 and get to grips with Amara, FL4K, Moze, and Zane. The Borderlands series has always been about hunting down the best loot for your character, but if you really want to make the most of your time vault hunting, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the best gear in real life as well. Thankfully, HyperX has you covered with a range of gaming headsets and accessories to enhance your Borderlands 3 experience and let you focus on that all-important in-game loot.

There’s a lot going on at any one time in Borderlands 3, from action-packed combat to music, comedic dialogue and team communications. With so much noise and information coming your way, it’s essential to have a high-grade headset while you play. HyperX’s Cloud line of gaming headsets is specifically designed to deliver quality and clarity, offering the best gear for console games, no matter your budget.

Created especially for gaming, HyperX Cloud and Cloud Stinger gaming headsets will ensure you can pick out each and every sound you need while gaming, whether it’s the sound of an incoming projectile, a dialogue during a battle, or that one friend sneaking off mid-fight to open up the loot crates once again. We know most people will be taking on the Calypso twins with friends, and with HyperX headsets communication won’t be a problem, either. Built-in microphones and an audio balance that’ll keep your pals’ voices audible above the action mean you can argue over who gets which gun without letting go of the trigger.

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CloudX Stinger Core.

If you’re looking to pick up your first gaming headset, or are just looking for something that does a little less damage to your budget, the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core for PS4 or CloudX Core for Xbox One are fantastic entry-level choices to accompany any shoot ’n’ loot space adventure. 40mm neodymium drivers deliver meaty-sounding gunshots without slacking on the lighter notes, so no matter which of the billion or more guns in Borderlands 3 you choose to use, you can be sure they’ll sound impressive enough to make a Siren swoon.

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CloudX with Xbox One Console.

Are you a more discerning Vault Hunter who only upgrades to the finest goods in-game and out? Take a look at the officially-licensed CloudX Gaming Headset for Xbox One or the Cloud Gaming Headset for PS4. Stepping up to 53mm drivers, these headsets present a higher calibre of gaming audio. Memory foam ear cushions, combined with durable aluminium frames, mean the Cloud and CloudX Gaming Headsets will be there for you through even the longest gun-collecting session in blissful comfort. Better yet, they come with detachable, noise-cancellation microphones and in-line audio controls to let you mute your mic or scale the volume with ease.

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Cloud Stinger Wireless.

The grind for better gear never ends, but even the most stalwart Vault Hunter needs a snack break every now and again. If you want to keep the chatter going with your friends while you prep your own Pandora pizza, the Cloud Stinger Wireless Gaming Headset for PS4 is exactly what you need. Lasting up to 17 hours on a single charge, this 2.4GHz wireless headset rivals even FL4K’s battery life, letting you keep talking even when you hop off the couch.

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Alloy FPS RGB.

Got your scope aimed at the PC version? Don’t worry, HyperX has your back there too. We recommend the HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset, with ground-breaking dual chamber drivers that help distinguish the bass from the mid and highs. If you prefer to have your powers at the tap of a key instead of a button, the HyperX Alloy FPS RGB keyboard delivers ultra-fast responses thanks to Kailh Silver Speed switches. Complete with exposed LEDs, your keyboard will be just as tantalizingly shiny as the finest in-game loot.

Whether you like to charge in with guns blazing or snipe your enemies from afar, HyperX headsets and gaming gear will let you experience the best that Borderlands 3 has to offer. Elevate your game today by picking up a HyperX gaming headset.

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