Keyboard Keyswitch Highlight: CHERRY MX Brown

Learn more about the CHERRY MX Brown/RGB Brown Keyboard Keyswitch

The most important thing about your gear is that it responds reliably. HyperX Alloy keyboards feature CHERRY MX keyswitches to customize to your liking. Mechanical keyboards aren’t just about the satisfying click and clack of the keys, you can choose a variety of CHERRY MX keyswitches based on your tactile needs. If you have an opinion on how much force it takes to press each key and how fast you can tap them, there’s a color that best suits your needs.

The Cherry Corporation’s most popular line of switches, the Cherry MX series, was introduced in 1985. These switches are usually referenced by their physical color, with each denoting that particular switch’s handling characteristics – clickiness, tactility, and actuation force (how hard you have to press).


CHERRY MX Brown (and CHERRY MX Brown RGB) switches are tactile-style switches, with a bump along the travel path that provides confirmation every time a keypress is registered. These switches are a balance between click switches and linear switches in terms of the audio feedback provided and the force needed to register a keypress. They are preferred by gamers who prioritize accuracy over speed and users who enjoy instantly knowing whether a key has been pressed. CHERRY MX Brown keys are a quieter compromise but their tactile feedback makes them perfectly suited to touch-typists, too. Ideal if your office colleagues are easily upset by the sound of your mechanical ownage.

Illustration of CHERRY MX Brown being clicked Gif

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