Why Mechanical Keyboards are Perfect for Gaming

If you're gaming on a regular, office keyboard, here are reasons why you should upgrade to mechanical.

Mechanical keyboards have been used by esports stars and video game streamers for years and it’s certainly not hard to see why. These durable keyboards come in all shapes and sizes, offering plenty of customization options that will fit all kinds of rigs no matter the style. Investing in a decent keyboard that you can rely on is incredibly important, especially if you plan to compete in lightning-fast MOBA matches and twitch-based FPS shooters. If you want to know how mechanical keyboards can give you a competitive edge in all your games, then be sure to check out the following points below.

Built to last

The durable nature of mechanical keyboards allows them to withstand even the hardiest of button mashes, allowing you to hammer away with complete peace of mind. The solid-steel frame of HyperX’s Alloy keyboards ensures that your keyboard feels stable and stationary whether you’re frantically trying to reload, loot downed foes or use your ultimate ability. Unlike your standard rubber dome office keyboards, the key switches of mechanical keyboards are usually more durable and can be rated to last for 70 million keypresses or more, so you’ll be able to game away for many a year without the need to upgrade. If you’re tired of your hands cramping up from using tacky office keyboards or growing increasingly frustrated with worn-out keys ruining your KDA, then it’s time to upgrade to a mechanical keyboard that will last.

Responsive and reliable

Standard office keyboards offer very little audible or tactile feedback and sometimes it can feel like your presses have gone unregistered. Some mechanical keyboards not only offer an audible noise when each key is pressed, but also allow you to push each key further down, giving you instant physical and auditory feedback. Other mechanical keyboards provide an ultra-light actuation force which makes them ideal for gamers looking to get every split-second advantage over their rivals. Every moment counts in the world of competitive gaming, so you’ll need a keyboard that can bolster your performance when and where it matters the most.

Easy to clean

Keyboards can get incredibly grubby over time and cleaning them can be a little tricky, especially when your keys can’t be removed. We all know how annoying it can be when you press down on a key only to find there is a bit of dirt obstructing it. Fortunately, cleaning mechanical keyboards is incredibly easy as each key can be removed from its socket. Simply take each key out and carefully brush away any dirt that has made its way into the keyboard. Mechanical keyboards allow you to keep your gaming sessions dust and dirt free.

Greater customization and dedicated gaming buttons

While office keyboards can certainly get the job done, they usually don’t offer many customization options, especially when compared to their mechanical counterparts. If you want a keyboard that both looks good and feels good to use, then you’ll want to take a look at our range of HyperX Alloy keyboards. For example, the Alloy FPS RGB features stunning RGB lighting that allows you to customize the color for each of your keys, while its onboard memory can save your settings so you can take them on the go. The Alloy Elite comes with dedicated media buttons, USB 2.0 pass-through, quick-access buttons, and anti-ghosting functions to keep your inputs accurate. Once you’ve tried a HyperX mechanical keyboard, you’ll never want to go back.

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