All games included with Google Play Pass

Android users are getting a similar subscription service to Apple Arcade with its own lineup of exclusive titles.

A few days after the launch of Apple Arcade, Google has unveiled its own subscription service called Google Play Pass. The idea behind the service is similar to that of Apple Arcade. For $4.99 (USD) per month, subscribers will have access to hundreds of mobile games free from ads and in-app purchases. While Apple Arcade has gems like Sayonara Wild Hearts, Google Play Pass will also offer must-have titles like Stardew Valley and Terraria.

All games included with Google Play Pass

All games included with Google Play Pass
Google Play Pass is priced at $4.99 (USD) per month and includes "hundreds of games" including Monument Valley 2, Stardew Valley, and Terraria.
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In the reveal trailer for Google Play Pass, “hundreds of games” will be available as part of the subscription service which is priced at $4.99 (USD) per month. If you live in the US, you can participate in a 10-day free trial of Google Play Pass in addition to getting your first 12 months for $1.99 (USD) a month before the cost switches back over to $4.99 (USD) a month.

Speaking of the US, Google Play Pass will only launch in the US to start before expanding its reach to other countries. Google Play Pass is not only compatible with mobile Android devices, but tablet and laptops using Play Store version 16.6.25 and above, and Android version 4.4 and above, according to the FAQ page.

As for the games offered as part of Google Play Pass, there are several noteworthy inclusions showcased in the reveal trailer, as well as the Google Play Pass about page. Google promises to include “hundreds of games and apps” with Play Pass with “new additions every month.” To help give you a better idea as to the games Google Play Pass will have, we’ve listed all of the confirmed titles below as of right now, September 23, 2019.

Google Play Pass - Confirmed Games and Apps

Below, we've listed all games and apps confirmed for Google Play Pass.
Below, we've listed all games and apps confirmed for Google Play Pass.
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  • 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure
  • 80 Days
  • Absolute Drift
  • AccuWeather: Daily Forecast & Live Weather Reports
  • Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise
  • Bridge Constructor Portal
  • CamToPlan
  • Chameleon Run
  • Death Squared
  • Door Kickers
  • ELOH
  • Evoland
  • Game Dev Tycoon
  • Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bridge (Full)
  • Hidden Folks
  • Hoplite
  • ISS HD Live: View Earth Live
  • King’s League: Odyssey
  • Lichtspeer
  • Lumino City
  • Mini Metro
  • Monument Valley 2
  • Old Man’s Journey
  • One More Line
  • Photo Studio Pro
  • Pic Stitch - #1 Collage Maker
  • Pocket City
  • .project
  • Reigns: Game of Thrones
  • Risk
  • Sago Mini Pet Cafe
  • Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition
  • Slow Motion Video FX
  • Sorcery! 4
  • Stardew Valley
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  • Star Wars: KOTOR
  • Suzy Cube
  • Swordigo
  • Terraria
  • The Battle of Polytopia
  • The Bug Butcher
  • The Tiny Bang Story
  • Thimbleweed Park
  • This is the Police
  • Thomas & Friends: Race On!
  • Tiny Guardians
  • Titan Quest
  • Toca Mystery Quest
  • Toca Nature
  • Tunable: Music Practice Tools
  • Wayward Souls

As you can tell by that list, there are a few cool games and apps worth checking out. Personally, we’re excited to see the inclusion of Monument Valley 2, LIMBO, Stardew Valley, Terraria, and Star Wars: KOTOR. How about you? Do you plan on checking out Google Play Pass, or do you feel Apple Arcade is a stronger offering when it comes to a mobile game subscription service? Let us know down in the comments below!

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