What does error code Currant mean in Destiny 2?

Error code Currant is easier to deal with than other error codes in Destiny 2, and we'll explain why.

Destiny 2 is full of unique error code names from Guitar and Weasel to Currant. This is likely to avoid the lengthy number string errors found in other games. With error code names like Currant, Destiny 2 players can take to the internet and quickly decipher what sort of issue they’re experiencing and whether there’s anything can do to fix the situation. If you keep running into error code Currant, we’ve put together a quick guide that’ll explain what it means in Destiny 2!

What does error code Currant mean in Destiny 2?

What does error code Currant mean in Destiny 2?
In Destiny 2, error code Currant indicates connection issues between the player and the game such as drops in Wi-Fi, router malfunction, and packet loss.
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To start, error code Currant in Destiny 2 indicates general connection issues between the player and the game. For example, issues like drops in Wi-Fi and issues with hardware, such as your router. Unlike other error codes, there are ways you can investigate and potentially correct some of these issues on your end. From Bungie, error code Currant is described as follows:

“Errors of this nature are actively monitored by Bungie to keep us aware of trending issues impacting players. Often these types of issues transpire when interruptions between host and client connections are caused due to circumstances outside of our network. This can be the result of ISP issues, packet loss, complications with various network hardware, Wi-Fi glitches, and other impacting variables to general connection stability.

We recommend as a first step that players ensure their current connection is working as intended to remove any outside variables. If this issue still persists, we recommend utilizing the steps described in our Network Troubleshooting Guide to find best practices in resolving these issues.”

With error code Currant, the first thing you’re going to want to do is close out of your current session of Destiny 2. After that, check your internet connection and hardware, like your router. Are you connected to the internet? Are there any abnormal LED lights indicating an error with your router? If so, you’ll want to take the necessary steps to resolve these issues before relaunching Destiny 2.

Otherwise, you’ll continue to encounter error code Currant. As noted by Bungie, you can also read through their comprehensive Network Troubleshooting Guide for other tips that’ll help you resolve connection issues capable of causing the Currant error code such as packet loss.

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