Death Stranding won't require PlayStation Plus

It looks like gamers can enjoy Death Stranding's multiplayer features without purchasing a PlayStation Plus subscription.

It’s become commonplace nowadays for games with multiplayer components on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch to require a subscription to the console’s online service. With Hideo Kojima teasing a multiplayer aspect for Death Stranding, many assumed it would also require a PlayStation Plus subscription. However, it now appears this is not the case.

Death Stranding won’t require PlayStation Plus

Death Stranding won't require PlayStation Plus
You won't need a PlayStation Plus subscription to experience the multiplayer features of Death Stranding.
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In a post from MP1st, it was noted that the pre-order listing for the Death Stranding Limited Edition PS4 Pro at Game UK includes a sticker addressing PlayStation Plus. Namely, that it’s not required. According to the sticker on the box: “Paid for PlayStation Plus subscription required for online multiplayer. Sold separately. “DEATH STRANDING” does not require PlayStation Plus subscription.”

Again, games that offer any sort of multiplayer component typically require a subscription to the console’s paid online service, such as Xbox Live Gold, PS Plus, and Nintendo Switch Online. Given that Death Stranding is incorporating multiplayer in such a unique way, it makes sense that it wouldn’t require an online subscription.

We’ve seen this before with games like Let it Die when it launched on PS4 a few years ago. In fact, Death Stranding’s multiplayer sounds similar in some ways to Let it Die right down to the weird mushrooms, although you didn’t have to pee on them in Let it Die.

Overall, we’re excited that PS Plus is not needed to play Death Stranding, though we’re wondering what your thoughts are on the news? Did you think you’d need PS Plus to play Death Stranding? Are you happy you won’t have to purchase a subscription in order to experience Death Stranding’s bizarre multiplayer? Let us know in the comments below!

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