Teardown is about smashing your own shortcuts for a heist

Teardown features a fully destructible environment for a 60-second getaway.

Heist games are usually carefully designed Rube-Goldberg machines, requiring observation and finesse to pull of perfectly. Teardown is about blowing holes in walls that get in your way so you can escape faster.

Teardown is an indie game in development by Dennis Gustafsson, also known as Tuxedo Labs, and uses a voxel-based physics engine to let you rip through the entire environment while planning your heist.

The objective is simple, pick up a number of keycards and get back to the extraction point. There are no guards to stop you, and you don't need to be sneaky. You can even blow holes in walls, staircases and knock over pipes or place planks to get to wherever you need to go. But as soon as you pick up the first keycard an alarm triggers a 60-second timer before you are, presumably, caught. This is where the planning comes in.

You can use bombs, a shotgun, a sledgehammer or vehicles to smash a path to every keycard and find the most efficient route. You can get an overview of the map and see your progress on each run to identify places where you can try and shave off time in your escape. There's even a recently-added spraypaint tool to help you mark out where to go during the escape from your route planning.

While it's not quite as subtle or stealthy as other heists, the same kind of problem-solving is needed but with more of a brute-force mentality. It's an interesting combination of brainpower and optimized movement tech, like gap-jumping and fluid parkour.

We're excited to see more of Teardown when it releases in early access in its predicted window of 2020, on PC. There's a Steam page for wishlisting, and a Twitter account to keep up with Dennis' development progress. 


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