The New ChargePlay Base: A Dual Device Wireless Charging Pad

Introducing the newest member of the HyperX family: the ChargePlay Base wireless charger. Click here to learn more about this dual-device wireless charging pad.

More base for your buck

Wireless charging is changing faster and more frequently than ever before, and with phone battery life getting shorter, it’s no wonder that people are turning to wireless chargers for quick, convenient charging. These days, wireless chargers can be found in spots like your local Starbucks, restaurants, or even hotel rooms. They’re the hot new office accessory, almost more important than the stapler. (Anyone seen Milton’s, by the way? He seems to be missing his...) With the emergence of this new technology, people are starting to ask the important questions, mainly whether these wireless chargers are actually worthwhile.

The short answer? They definitely can be! Many wireless chargers are compatible with a variety of devices, such as smartphones, smartwatches, wireless earphones, and more. If you’ve got a lot of different devices that charge with different plugs, wireless chargers will allow you to start charging immediately, and remove the hassle of you trying to hunt down the right cable. Additionally, these charging pads are portable and can fit on almost any surface, making them handy for working, gaming, or even traveling. You’ll also save the wear and tear on your cables, so if you’re afraid of the hazards a frayed cable can pose, a wireless pad will give you some peace of mind. 

Now, the next question is: which wireless charger should you get next? With this emerging technology comes emerging markets. From Amazon to every major retailer, you can find all kinds of wireless chargers made by all sorts of different manufacturers. But here at HyperX, we believe you should get more base for your buck. 

We’d like to introduce you to the ChargePlay Base wireless charger. The ChargePlay Base is a Qi Certified charger that pumps out up to 15W of charging power.* What makes the ChargePlay Base different from other wireless chargers on the market is that it can effectively, safely, and efficiently charge two devices at once, because everyone knows that two is always better than one. Because it’s Qi Certified, you know it’s safe for your Qi Certified devices, so you can feel free to charge your phone, wireless earbuds case, or even your wireless gaming mouse or headset if you’re one of those gamers who knows that “one more game” is really ten more. Or twenty. Who’s counting, anyway? You’re not my supervisor! 

So, are you ready to go wireless?

*Included AC Adapter supports 2 devices up to 10W per pad (up to 15W total when charging 2 devices). Your device may have additional charging limitations.

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