Destiny 2 Withered Plumes location guide

Where to find Withered Plumes in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep for the Essence of Obscurity.

Withered Plumes in Destiny 2 can be found deep inside the ruins of one of the Hive structures scattered around the Moon. In latest expansion, Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, Withered Plumes are required to complete the Essence of Obscurity quest, which will unlock the Every Waking Moment legendary SMG.

However, before you can get your hands on that sweet new gun, you'll need to find these Withered Plumes. Not exactly a standard item you can pick up in the nearest Walmart. To find them you'll need to head deep, into the ominously named Circle of Bones. Don't worry, it's only mildly deadly. Take our hand and we'll help you find Withered Plumes in Destiny 2.

Withered Plumes Destiny 2 location

Withered Plumes Destiny 2 location map
You'll find the Withered Plumes here, but you'll need to go underground first

It looks like the Withered Plumes are just in the Hellmouth, but they're actually on the lower floor which you have to get to from a lower level of the map. The easiest way in is via the Hall of Wisdom. From the starting spawn point, in the south by Eris Morn, jump on your sparrow and take the western path out of the safe zone. Keep going uphill and you'll see the circular base building with a door just wide enough to boost straight through. Keep going and ignore all the Fallen firing at you and you'll come out the other side of the base into a canyon that leads into a door with green markings above it guarded by Hive Acolytes and Knights.

Withered Plumes Destiny 2 Circle of Bones location
Head around the Circle of Bones, with the Hellmouth railing on your left, and you'll find the Withered Plumes

Go through and start descending through a chasm until you come out in the Hall of Wisdom. Here you can either fight your way through, or just run straight to the other end. The room after the Hall of Wisdom is the Circle of Bones, which is basically just the lower level of the Hellmouth. Follow the path all the way around, keeping the Hellmouth to your left, and you'll eventually come to the end of the path. This is where to find the Withered Plumes, they're just hanging out on the edge of the wall at the path's dead end, precariously dangling over the Hellmouth. The prompt will be to "Pick up Weapon Part" but you know what you're here for.

That's where to find Withered Plumes in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, now you can complete the Essence of Obscurity quest, cleanse it up and bag yourself the Every Waking Moment legendary SMG. It looks like those Withered Plumes get strapped to the barrel of your new gun, so you'll always remember your journey to recover them. Enjoy!


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