Portable Gaming On The Go: Tips and Tricks

Looking to step up your gaming on the go? Here's some advice.

Gaming on the go is so much easier in the 21st century. There are so many ways to choose from and none of them involve carrying out mountains of AA batteries or duct-taping a torch to your head. Whether you’re playing games on the Nintendo Switch, your trusty gaming laptop, or even just your smartphone, there’s a few portable gaming tips that’ll help make your experience even smoother. Let us help you amp up your entertainment while you’re away from the slightly bigger screens.

Immerse yourself

While gaming wherever you heart desires is a liberating feeling, getting distracted by your surroundings is hazardous to your digital health. Whether it’s on your commute, a long haul flight, or even just deep in the jungle, there are plenty of distractions to get you out of your flow. To blot them out and totally immerse yourself in great soundtracks or dialogue, you’ll need some good headphones.

While keeping to the ethos of gaming on the go, travelling light is your best bet, which is where the Cloud Earbuds come in. A small package but pack plenty of stopping power for those unwanted outside noises, and when you’re done just stow them away in your Nintendo Switch carrying case.* Or use them to keep listening to beats on your smartphone. And if you’re on your laptop, it’ll save you from toting around a headset, making it a standout solutions for all three scenarios. 

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The Cloud Earbuds from HyperX.

Stream holiday

If you don’t want to carry too much with you, you can always look into home streaming and remote play. The Sony Xperia range of smartphones can natively connect to your PS4 with Remote Play, letting you keep playing games from your console over a data internet connection. There are also other mobile apps that let you do the same with your Steam catalogue, such as Moonlight which works with GeForce Experience GameStream. You don’t have to limit your on-the-go gaming to only portable games!

*Make sure to always pay attention to your surroundings and be aware of what’s going on around you whenever you’re using headphones or earbuds, especially in public spaces. 

The Kitchen Sink

The biggest problem with today’s portable gaming technology is that while devices are getting smaller, games aren’t. It’s amazing that we can play such massive RPGs like The Witcher 3 on something as tiny as the Nintendo Switch, but with install sizes comparable to the PC, that soon becomes a sobering thought. Luckily, most mobile gaming technology relies on some form of solid state memory card tech to add additional storage capacity so whether it’s an Android or your Switch, you don’t have to make difficult decisions about what you want to play on your next flight.

You can find a range of HyperX microSD cards in varying sizes; 64GB, 128GB, all the way up to a whopping 256GB. At that size, you probably won’t need to worry about storage for another couple of years. Even if you don’t really need extra space, it’ll also help with tasks such as bulk transferring Switch screenshots to your laptop quickly and easily, simply by popping your new microSD card out and putting it into any USB card reader. You can also move all of your currently installed games from the internal memory over to the external microSD after inserting it. Follow our helpful guide for how to add storage and transfer Switch games here.

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HyperX micro SD cards for the Nintendo Switch.

Fast Travel

Resorting to your laptop instead of your beefy rig when you’re away from home can be a jarring experience. Doubly so if you’ve forgotten your mouse and are trying to play CS:GO on a trackpad. Luckily, there are wireless gaming mice that make it easier for you to game on the go so you won’t have to put your win streak in jeopardy. The HyperX Pulsefire Dart is ergonomically designed for your comfort, so that no matter where you’re gaming, you won’t be straining your hands. It’s a high-quality, compact mouse with responsive, reliable connectivity perfect for taking your gaming anywhere you want to. 

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The Pulsefire Dart wireless gaming mouse from HyperX.

One of the easiest ways to get your gaming laptop rejuvenated and ready for adventure again is to look into how to upgrade your laptop RAM. You might not get PUBG running at high with a simple stick of RAM, but it’s one of the simplest changes to make if you need some extra juice. Maybe it’ll be enough so that you’re not missing your desktop quite so much.

We hope these portable gaming tips have helped get you out and about while still enjoying your favorite games.

Nicole is a fan of gaming, music, and movies. Feel free to reach her at nicole.castillo@allgamers.com for questions, concerns, or just good music and movie recommendations!


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