How to use the Pulsefire Dart for FPS and Battle Royale games

You need every advantage and edge you can get when playing FPS and Battle Royale games. Learn how to get the most out of your Pulsefire Dart!

No piece of your rig is more important for shooter performance than your gaming mouse. When you're lining up a round-winning shot in a Modern Warfare III S&D game or closing in on the final stages of your latest Warzone match, precision and aiming are everything. Precise aim means you’re landing headshots, headshots mean faster kills, and fast kills are what land you that big W you've been searching for.

From fast-fingered flicks to long-range, bullet-drop-based lead times, in-game shots demand a full range of movement from a good gaming mouse. The wireless HyperX Pulsefire Dart has everything needed to break free of your limits. Forget wires getting in your way during a wrist-breaking quickscope, and welcome in customizable sensitivity to help you master hitscan characters or your latest Warzone loadouts.

Getting the right gear is only the first step along your path to glory. You’ll also need to know how to set up your new tools for maximum efficiency. Here’s how to use the Pulsefire Dart for FPS ownage.

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The HyperX Pulsefire Dart.

Where to start

Your sensitivity and mouse's DPI are key to better aiming, and having a mouse with more options helps you fine-tune the exact settings for you and your role. Setting the DPI for the Dart is easy through HyperX NGENUITY software. You to save up to five sensor settings, meaning you could even run different profiles between Warzone and MWIII multiplayer, or switch on the fly when changing between an SMG and a sniper rifle. With anything from 100 to 16,000 DPI to play with, there’s sure to be a sensitivity that suits your particular preference and dexterity.

The HyperX Ngenuity Software.
The HyperX Ngenuity Software.

A good place to start testing your preference is the DPI required for two inches of vertical mouse movement to move your cursor from the top to the bottom of your monitor. To get this set up, you can set your mouse DPI to roughly half the vertical resolution of your monitor. That means 600 DPI for a 1080p monitor. Test that out as a baseline to see how aiming with it feels.

Consistency calibration

If you feel like 1200 DPI is too sensitive or you need more precision, try fine-tuning by turning the DPI up or down. A good benchmark for horizontal sensitivity for your personal setup would be to have your comfortable range of arm and wrist movement translate to an 180° turn in-game. It’s important to have benchmarks like this because if you intend to play more than one game, you’ll need consistency across any game you head into. A simple test of a 180° turn doesn’t require any complicated calibration so it should prove useful.

When you’re digging through in-game settings, try to turn on “Raw Input” where available. If that's not an option, you'll need to turn the mouse sensitivity down in-game until it matches something you’re more familiar with. Games like Warzone require you to fight over extreme distances -- both short and long. So if there are separate options for sensitivity when you are aiming down sights or through scopes, make use of that to adjust for even more precision at longer range while still giving you the freedom to quickly look around out of combat. You may need to turn your fully-scoped sensitivity up if you’re having trouble matching speed with targets you’re trying to lead and find yourself “running out of mousemat” while trying to track them.

Outside the aim

The Pulsefire Dart also features six programmable buttons which can also be assigned to macro keys in NGENUITY. Make use of these to free up your keyboard fingers in the middle of tense firefights. For instance, you could use your mouse thumb, an otherwise useless digit, to select the right grenade or change the type of medkit you’ll use in the heat of battle. Sharing the cognitive load between your hands is a surefire way to get your win rate up.

There are plenty more reasons a wireless Pulsefire Dart will be a solid addition to your gaming arsenal. Getting your gaming mouse for FPS performance is just the first step to making a serious run at the battle royale throne. Aiming to hit some highlights in Modern Warfare III or Warzone? Check out more official Call of Duty gaming gear from HyperX here.

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