Fortnite black hole Konami code secret hides a shmup mini game

The Fortnite black hole Konami code game is a cool secret to get you through the long wait.

If you watched Fortnite disappear into a Black Hole last night then chances are you're pretty bored of staring at that wobbling circle of light by now, yeah? Thankfully the Konami code is here to save you from losing your mind until Fortnite is back online.

When staring at the black hole in the game client and contemplating your life choices, punch in UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B (or CIRCLE), A (or X), START/OPTIONS/ENTER and a shoot-'em-up space fighting game will pop onto your screen. It's a callback to Galaga, the arcade game that revolutionized shmups except the big bad boss is the Durrburger and you are a slice of pizza.

For the average age of Fortnite players, some of you might not know the Konami code's storied history as a cheat code in practically every game. Heck, given today's microtransaction-heavy games you might not know what a cheat code is. But put in those button inputs above in the right order, and changing buttons to suit your platform of choice, and you'll be rewarded with at least something playable until Fortnite is back online.

At our best estimate, we see Fortnite coming back online tonight, with a new season or "Chapter" that will take Save The World out of early access and make it into a full-fledged game, finally. As for those numbers popping out of the Fortnite black hole, we've had a look into those, too and there seems to be some hint about the Deep Lore behind it all concerning The Visitor.

If you're bored of the Fortnite Konami code mini game already, then why not fully commit to a REAL horror story with one of our favorite ghost story games for Halloween?


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