Capcom wants to revive dormant IPs

Get ready for more Capcom, including the return of several dormant IPs.

Capcom has been on a roll lately thanks to the success of Monster Hunter: World, the Resident Evil 2 remake, and Devil May Cry 5. While there’s no doubt Capcom will continue to build upon these successful properties in the future, new info has emerged suggesting the company also has plans to revive dormant IPs.

Capcom wants to revive dormant IPs

Capcom wants to revive dormant IPs
With Capcom looking to revive dormant IPs, a remake of Dino Crisis may actually happen.
© Capcom

In their financial report for 2019, Capcom expressed clear interest in reviving dormant intellectual properties. While none of these IPs have been named, there are a few ideas floating around that seem fitting, like a revival of Darkstalkers or a remake of Dino Crisis. It’s possible Capcom’s attention to dormant IPs will include reboots of games that have been less than dormant, like Devil May Cry or Breath of Fire. 

In our PlayStation 5 wishlist, we noted that we’re holding out hope for a remake of the original Devil May Cry, and director Hideki Kamiya seems keen on the idea of creating one should the right opportunity arise. Plus, the 2019 financial report shows how delighted Capcom has been by the response to Devil May Cry 5, along with the Resident Evil 2 remake and Monster Hunter: World.

Not only did Capcom express their love for how well these games have performed, they made sure to note plans to regularly release new content for current IPs, while also promoting the “utilization of dormant IP and remakes.” Given these two things are often mentioned together, we get the feeling the Resident Evil 2 won’t be the last series remake.

New Monster Hunter content also seems to be teased for March 2020. Could we see a new Monster Hunter game among the launch titles for PlayStation 5? It definitely seems possible! Stay tuned, as we’ll be posting updates as Capcom unveils more information regarding the dormant IPs they plan to revive and remake along with new content for their main IPs like Monster Hunter.

In the meantime, what “dormant IP” do you want to see Capcom bring back? Are you gunning for more Darkstalkers, or would you rather see a reboot of Dino Crisis? Let us know down in the comments below!

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